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      A Birthday Sonnet

      The sun had the audacity to rise
      and scrutinize my squinting eyes; what spite!
      Malicious Sol, you're cruel! I despise
      the glee displayed when you should mourn my plight.

      Conspiracies arise at every turn--
      newspaper fonts are set at New Times one;
      my bathroom scale tells lies and should be burned;
      "New Math" has made the mile a longer run.

      If governors can pardon crimes long past,
      make them to be as though they never were,
      (and since I look quite pale in sack and ash)
      why can't a birthday clemancy procure?

      I'm forty-nine? There's been a huge mistake!
      I'll stay my age and have a slice of cake.

      March, 2001

      "I think we're all bozos on this bus." -- Firesign Theater

      "You may call me a poet if someone writes it on my headstone."

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