Without your circling arm

I feel my soul is trembling like a leaf
that clings on in the worst of a fierce gale
yet will drop into black mud far beneath
though briefly through some sunshine it may fall.
I am as nothing trodden into earth
And lower than the lowest living beast,
I make no estimation of my worth
and for the worms I shall provide a feast.
At first I thought that I could ride the storm
That I could live without your circling arm
But truth has taken hold of me entire.
The choice is death by mud or death by fire.
I see I am now trampled with earth's dust
No more to be an object of mere lust

Love 101 ~ In the Beginning


I love the words ... "... my soul trembling like a leaf ..."

Poetry becomes what the reader feels. I always get such strong feelings with your art ... heart.

Love has so many facets ... more than the mind can fully realize.

Lust is a knife that can cut the heart into little pieces for others to chew upon for awhile and spit out. Although lust is a thrilling ride, it is a black hole for us to fall into to. A black hole is a very mysterious place to be. A black hole may exit to another dimension, a place where our feelings can grow, manifest themselves ... become stars. It seems that all periods of growth take us to an examination of conscience.

I have never had a fairy tale marriage or a fairy tale romance ... but I have been in love ... and hurt. There is nothing more painful than finding someone you love walking away from you. Of course, the story is not over, until it is over. I believe that we meet people for reasons and it is possible for lovers to reunite ... I believe. Of course, I also believe that both people will have been in a healing place ... to find the Spirit to reconnect with.

Sometimes ... even in a family ... there are individuals that are not on the same journey ... the same path ... and that is just the way life is. I am a Mother of three ... and I cannot live my children's journey ... as much as I want to. It seems we come into the world and exit the world alone ... for a reason ... the reason being our purpose and our quests.

Your art is such a fine reflection of life ... truthful ... and mindful of an audience that is still learning to love.

I am forever a student of love.



Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Very painful sometimes

Dear Kathy
Thank you for that way of looking at things.It is quite true,we have to trust life or we are like dried husks.We don't know why ost things happen or why we do things which turn out to be foolish or we get maniulated by a clever person who has a lot of charm and astery of language.
I think my weakness is being too kind and sympathetic but I'd rather be that than cruel;However noone who tells me their childhood horrors early on will be accepted by me...I am not responsible for everybody in the world..i am human and weak.
You are full of feeling and that makes you such a good poet.

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