The Fall spread across the world

When you struck me,I vibrated like a kettle drum
then as smaller percussions and repercussions
echoing from all the glassy surfaces
creating a balletic geometry of sound tracks
in space and time.

When you knocked me down,
I fell against her and her and her;
we were like a row of skittles
and we all went down with the lifeboat;
the infinite chain of being is.

When you hit me,the Fall spread across the world
Now there is no Vertical
All is undivine and graceless.
By the Rod it's ruled

When you left me,I left myself,the world,the rocks,dry land
I weighed down sank to the ocean bed
with coral eyes

When you struck my mind
I became an instrument of a foreign power
Singing a song I didn't kmow.

When the glass was smashed
the splinters flew into all our hearts.
You didn't know what we couldn't see.

I lay on barren ground and gave birth
To my own Creator in the desert.
He lives.

Wonderful, well-written poetry, Kate.

I truly enjoyed this, Kate. Wonderful, well-written poetry. I like the intense, passionate appeal of this, and the ways it came to move me in the emotional sense while I read it. This fine poetry is filled with exceptional descriptive references and quality imagery, as the wording throughout works great with the overall theme and idea of the subject matter. I also admire the profoundly powerful, indepth nature of this superb, quality write. Take care, Kate, and thanks so much for sharing such creatively composed, worthwhile work. I look forward to both reading, as well as commenting on more of your impressive, constructive poetry in the near future.

J.P. (Rex)

Criticism always welcome

Rex,thanks so much for reading my strange poem and giving me your view of it....I appreeciate your liking it as I admire your w riting very much
Thanks so much,Kate

Fractured Tales


I always melt into your poetry. I feel your words, your thoughts, your visions. This shook me to the core.

I am sure we have all been struck down by someone we loved. It is beyond painful. The only thing more painful, is seeing someone you love strike one of your children down. Family life can be so fractured, so broken.

The images were spectacular ... the scenes played out ... perfectly.

We cannot comfort evil ... and often we cannot understand it. I love the closing of this poem ... giving birth to the Creator ... to hope ... to life ... to love.

This is an amazing piece of act ... it is amazing.

Thank you for letting us be a part of your story ... your poetry family.



Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Thank you

Dear Kathy
Thank you so much.I put it on another site and they removed it as unfit to be published....So I am glad to get some positive reactions.Well,I would still have written it anyway but it;s really nice to share it

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