In the land which dreams dwell in

In the land which dreams dwell in

where love and hate and life begin;

where swiftly the deep rivers flow

from those lost lands of long ago.

I wander through wild poppy fields

Underfoot the dark earth yields….

I see the flowering fruit trees start

Their blossoms gather round my heart…

I hear the sparrows sing with joy

And bees their busy wings employ.

In those lost lands I saw your face

And now I long for your embrace.

Are you real,am I deceived?

From this earth we all must leave.

Earth to earth and ash to ash

Glory,pride and boasting pass.

Leave me now,my dearest one

Soon I too will be called on.

Nothing lasts but truth is real

Keep the truth and your ideals..

Earth to earth, we rest in clay

We must give all self away

Softly on this earth I roam

Seeking still my love and home,

for until the very end

Love and kindnss may descend.

Soft as wings of butterflies

Tears well up and wet my eyes.

My heart has melted into yours

Thus we grow and die like flowers

Wonderful, heartfelt poetry, Kate...

This is wonderful, heartfelt poetry, Kate. I really like, as well as admire the overall theme of this...and the lovely imagery you were so creatively able to convey throughout the wording scheme is great. Your words are colorful, moving, and emotionally compelling. This poem also flows beautifully, as I became extremely drawn in to your thought process while I read the verse. I think of this impressive work as being intensely passionate, powerfully-written romantic poetry that delivers a great amount of deep feeling. Take care, Kate, and thanks for sharing another superbly designed, quality write.

J.P. (Rex)

A song

Hi Rex,thank so much for your comment.I was out shopping and I heard myself singing... and it was some lines which I made int a poem when I came home.If I had a guitar I could have sung it!
I've never had that experience before.
I am glad you found it affected you.
Thanks once again

Butterfly Passages, Follow Them


Spring is a coloring book page. With all the colors in our box, we can engage in such splendor.

Even death cannot separate us from the colors of spring.

I love the tone, the words, images, and soul of this beautiful poem.

If I were a butterfly, I would lightly kiss your cheek and whisper colors into your ears ... for I believe you have transcended into heaven.

Heaven is within us. In moments such as these, we realize our full love for beauty.



Fort Lauderdale, Florida

A butterfly

Dear Kathy
How lovely if we both both butterflies in a sweet garden,love,Kate

A butterfly

Dear Kathy
How lovely if we both both butterflies in a sweet garden,love,Kate

Transcending Thoughts, Flight


Room for thought: Perhaps we already are.



Buuterflies in the same gardeb

We probably are in the same garden

Never too late to comment on beauty

Leaking Pen
Dear Kate
Love your new poetic voice, what inspiration to envy, you should drive more often and come home to your guitar, if this is a sign of of your new romantic voice, how lucky are we for next treat


Hi Paul
So you think it is quite different?It was composing itself inside me while I walked along the street and alas I did not get it all down.. but I like humming it,,, and am threatening to buy a guitar... I said to my husband,at least I don't pkay the bagpipes!!He suggested a comb with paper over it.. he's feeling mean

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Oh oh oh beautiful, so

Oh oh oh beautiful, so lovely, I am thinking of only good things, this is making me so happy. God bless America.

God bless England too

Thanks so much Mumtazz,Kate

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