Creating patterns in the sky

I wonder why the geese fly high

Creating patterns in the sky?

A group enraptured in a dance;

The stunning art of Providence.

I wonder why trees are so tall.

Standing here I feel quite small.

The branches shiver in the breeze,

Ballet of winter,waving trees.

I wonder why the sun curves round,

A path I see here from the ground.

The sun shows light which softly shines.

An Arche de Triomphe for the pines.

I wonder that red robins fed

On our crumbs of seeded bread.

Now sweet songs of courtship sound;

Life goes round and round and round.

Doves and pigeons mate for life.

Each male has his loving wife.

Now pigeons circle overhead...

And they too love my home baked bread

Poetic Patterns

Dear Kate,

I really admire the child-like curiosity that shines through the lines of this charming poem. Your use of seasonal imagery and sounds really gives life to this piece of poetry - well done. The way you weave the last few lines to create a picture of love and home-sweet-home is really quite impressive and a joy to read. I must try to make time to read more of your poetry - there are so many wonderful poets on Poetry Showcase!

Warm regards,


And I am glad to read your poems

Dear Chris
Thank you for commenting.I am pleased you like it
My best wishes

Tall in the eyes of poetry

Leaking Pen
Dear Kate
In the spirit of "Sweet songs of courtship sound" I wish you a happy valentine's day, like pigeons circle over head, I am always hungry for your bread, can't get enough of it, you bake delicious poetry that feeds the hungry's man stomach! not to wonder why the Sun curves round, it is to quench its fire from your heart!

How sweet

Dear Paul
Thank you so much.. you are very sweet amd it's nice to get a Valentine
My best to you

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