Backside of the Moon

On the side of the moon that we never see,
the backside, if you will;
there’s a land of mystery and marvel,
where time has simply stood still.

It’s a place of beauty and wonder,
where climates never change;
yet summer and fall, and winter and spring,
exist just over each range.

The seasons blend, one into another,
making gradual change as you go;
a mile or two from a warm autumn day
and a traveler steps into the snow.

There are mountains higher than rainbows,
bright diamonds in every stream;
marvelous creatures swim, run and fly,
you’d think that it must be a dream.

Birds of ten thousand bright colors,
join fish that fly up to a tree;
bunnies that hop on the water,
the cutest things you’ll ever see.

Man has not spoiled this far away place,
pollution will never be known;
those who live in this land on the moon,
are children who’ll never be grown.

No evil exists in the hearts or the minds
of inhabitants of this odd land;
there isn’t a cold or a runny nose,
and there’s always a helping hand.

Folks live by unspoken rules known to all;
love, honesty, goodness and right;
never a hateful word, deed or thought,
no gossip and never a fight.

What a land, oh I wish we could go there;
leave behind us dissention and hate;
run, romp and play with the beasts in the wild,
stay forever yet never be late.

Climb mountains, eat cotton-cloud candy,
drink sunshine from sparkling springs;
talk with the animals, picnic with frogs,
do a thousand wondrous things.

Feel stone that is softer than fine gosling down;
dive without holding my breath;
in lakes of bubbling raspberry mist,
in a land that is pristine and fresh.

Yes, the back of the moon, hidden from view,
holds secrets we only may guess;
but I know in my heart that the place does exist,
I will not believe anything less!

It's great

to get away from it all. I like your imagery here, starts in reality then transports to that far away place, I like to think of as the bunny planet. I enjoyed reading this poem I think it is well done. raskin

Many thanks

... your comments are always generous; thank you so much!

sweet read....

this back side place on the moon sounds delightful and its a great escape from reality, we all need a place like that eh?....otherwise, we'd go mad stuck here with all the psychos of the world.....I enjoyed this write, peace.

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