Words In Motion

The rhapsody is motivated and influenced
Moving into a dramatic effect.
Succumbing to the chose in-mind manifested
End result, by an author.
Ah, that may have been of a poet, a rhymester,
And an author of prose! To make it a statement
To the affect that would seem to be most enjoyable
To come by is needed for the ultimate benefit:
The meaning of words.
They consist of energy expounded to reverberate:
Not to give the impression of being facetious,
They are to be heard or read to appreciate!

To be able to recite a poem in an inspiring, interesting
Manner is the true delight and most appreciated
In the sharing process. Expected as a close second
Would be reading words of notation,
that will philosophically hold interest
through the last spoken word. Then there is poetry
in motion, that may surpass all!

Words of wisdom are expected to be “those of the truth,”
For they qualify to be ingested and rendered.
Languishing to the benefit of the overview,
is what it’s all about! Writing for a living, fame, fortune,
Or as a hobby, before the open grave worth more
Than gold and silver.

Postulating, is in the mind’s desire, to implore meaningful,
well thought of words of interest, to a worthwhile endeavor,
For a proverbial underscore end result. The pen moves deliberately
to manifest, as the scribe is motivated by the impulse
Of a secured worthwhile intention.

Souls in noisy times need take a turn off of the busy, Life freeway,
to experience our endowment of fragrances
and the filtering of light of perfect patterns for the beauty.
The fruition of enthrallment is guaranteed to take and affect,
As one is bathed with rays of light.

The prominence of the bounty is near and able to permeate a rhapsody,
For the enjoyment of the moment in the Sun.

Weston Rudel