Goodbye <3

I’m always giving you the benefit of the doubt… like your some young child that needs to be cradled in a mother’s arms, spoon feed the right ways to go into a woman’s heart and I’m so near done, tired of your immaturity that this all is starting to feel all starting to feel so funny to me cause I’m fed up of taking your shit!

And usually I wouldn’t come all out like this but baby when has it been okay for you to play me and diss when you were the one who was all so ready to claim me and you’ve broke down barriers of the boys from before, the ones that pushed me to the ends of the earth nearly hearing Gods call…. but I just want to build and build my door so high that you don’t huff and puff and blow it the fuck down cause I’m so used this unapproachable being, cause you hid your face so well behind the technicoloured masks that forecasts all your different personalities and I don’t know why you won’t step into this reality and see that you have a good girl !

Actions speak louder then words and sweetheart your silence is the loudest curse cause I don’t know what’s worse anymore the fact you lie or the fact you don’t swing by anymore and I didn’t have to stay but… you’re the one that’s going away and pushing me back so far away and I can’t help you and tell you it will be okay cause I was down for you anytime time of the day and it was the rain that made my tears pour like Januarys rainy days and them fall fiercly and it has washed all my pain away cause you weren’t there to hold my hand, tell me to stay calm and stop going mad… when you reach unattainable heights of deception and lies that leave me with so many whys and I’m fed up of taking your shit and I will put all our hopes and dreams in this casket and I will light a match and watch it all burn….. like a phoniex in sky that has just been shot down and I will encase myself in this smoke and like a drug addict taking on their last line of coke, becasuse you have been my addiction and I will wait for the ashes to burn away and I will lay right here….. and pray, pray for my soul… cause I’m no better than you, allowing you to do this to me, for everyone near wide and far to see, knowing about your other conquests and I’m not talking about the knight and shinning amour shit, I’m on about the trifling no count, straight out kinda shit, the kinda shit that drives certain women to various places but I’m no judge baby, I don’t know about all your cases but I know that the truth will set you free and I’m getting right , right back to being me, so have a seat and you will see that honesty is really the best policy cause one day I will be given a man who loves God as much as me and he will help my flow with my poetry and I will hopelessly wrap my soul against his interlocking like hands of peace after a civil war

So there won’t be no ben and jerry no cookies and cream, you ain’t worth that much to be ripping at the seams, I won’t feel sorry for myself, when I have given you the best out of me was willing to give you the rest of me, yhhhh that part of me cause, you came to me like something that couldn’t be true and who would of knew that I would of seen a new you and I could sit here and be your boo but baby I’m so through and I will not be used and fed up of hearing your lame ass excuse. You said you want to fight for me like a boxer in the ring but it seems like I’m swinging the only punches …..

And I will remember the day when you came up in my face talking about all this hear say, assumptions and gossip on top of one another no wonder why a ménage a tois can be seen as dirty like grim that pillows itself in between the cracks in the seabed’s, we have different mind-sets, your ego is the size of two planets orbiting in the sky and I don’t know why you couldn’t just be mine, you say you don’t want to lose me but honey you had me and this non communication is wearying my patience and you won’t keep me that way, cause there was once a time I believed the words that came out of your mouth, had friends talking about you’re a good guy but ive just had to put up with the other side and as much as it is for me to leave you, I wished still things would fall through and you could have been my boo but for now I’m waving back at you and ending this will a kiss to the cheek, just a young girl with curls who’s had enough of ‘shit just happening’, cause you had the ability to change that but you just didn’t so all that remains to say is goodbye , you will never be that same guy. VMI