Pu55y N1gg@z

Haul ass for your life see there's an outbreak like the flick, instead of coughs and monkeys there's outrageous flaky shit, that's brewed inside the Bricks and all around so take a sip, these niggaz swear they're hard forever actin str8 the bitch.
I'm sure you know this type of dude, they're never down with me, the type that hit the bathroom and they go sit down and pee, their street cred's all they have at least that's how it sounds to me, until I look around and see the blatant clownery.

There're children raising children, where is Daddy? They don't know, these pussies makin plans the kids'll wait but they don't show, and then will take his woman's kids to eat and to a show, I call these Mickey D ass niggaz fatherhood to go.
You also have those pussy niggaz quick to pitch a fit, they'll sip a fifth of Cris and use their fists to hit on chicks, for what they may insist to be unzipping of the lips, or other hints of bullshit pussy nigga, get a grip.

They have the pregnant wife and plus the girlfriend on the way, to hurry up and have those babies, fetus ondele, but cuddled next to wifey is just where they're gonna stay, they better hope that God feels merciful; they oughta pray.
They zip the finest whips throughout the hood like rabbits race, all kitted down but living up in mama's attic space, they calls themselves some men and yet they have to scanvenge dates, by sneaking past their mommies' pets, I see the cat's awake.

Won't knock ya hustle pussy nigga, go on do the do, the truth I know is way too much to ask a fool like you, a muthafuckin loser yet you're steady talkin smack, you're just not worth the time so go ahead, talk to my back.
My ladies hold ya head, continue pushin up with ease, and please don't let the menstral cramps of pussies such as these, deter you from attempting to acquire just what's best, there're good men out there if you're looking, still some of us left.

So hurry up and douche those pussies cause they're rotten stink, it be that way sometime cause if you really stop and think, there's nothing worse than funky pussy, call it more than right, so once you clean that box out baby, haul ass for your life.