A Beautiful Sadness

A picture of abandoned
dreams,accepted reality,
she gazed through the haze
of smoke that seemed to be
escaping from her lips,
And sipped her glass of wine,
one of the last companions
she could afford.
And I sat here in my car,
unable to tear my eyes
from the beautiful sadness
in that lined face.
So many lines,so many stories...
never to be told, but blown
away as nicotine in the wind,
and swallowed like crushed
grapes grown in a foreign
country, picked by hands
who had no idea what kind
of grief they were suppressing.

Beautiful indeed!

Such lovely picturesque words. Enables us to feel it as well as see it! Enjoyed!

Thank you!

Thanks so much. This was a true story. This woman suddenly inspired me when I was in my car.
Abigail Joy

Blown Away

Dear Abigail,

Hi. I finally found my way back here ... and was then blown away by your wonderful poem! Who knew that there was a Joni Mitchell inside you? I would have expected such an observant and descriptive piece of poetry from someone in their forties, or even thirties, but to write so eloquently when you are still so young is impressive. (I'm envious! LOL). You have painted a real portrait here, with such feeling and depth - a great write! Have a great weekend, take care, and best wishes. God bless! :-D

Warmest regards,


An Old Soul

Haha, thank you! I was just suddenly inspired by this elderly woman who came out on her porch holding a wine
glass and a cigarette when I was in my car about to go to work. I had no paper, so I had to write this poem on the
blank pages in the back of a book. I've always known I was an old soul. I think it's because I read so many books,
it gives me a great perspective on lie, and of course having a relationship with God can brig lots of wisdom
if you ask for it.=] Thanks for the comment,and God Bless!=]
Abigail Joy

Nice poem! I like the

Nice poem! I like the 'picked by hands...' bit a lot!


Thanks! I liked that bit a lot too. I like the idea of everybody being connected
weather they know it or not.
Thanks for the feedback!
=]Abigail Joy

Empathy and Imagination

I really like this, I can picture the scene perfectly through your words. You show such compassion here, thoughtfulness. To imagine another's thoughts, story' shows great empathy and imagination. You show all of these in your words here. I do believe we are all connected and you never know who you will affect or who will be affected by you, an interesting thought. Thanks for sharing.


Thank you

THank you for your kind and thoughtful words. This was one of those poems that jump out at
you and you are forced to write itdown, for it would be a poet's crime not to. THanks for your feedback.=]
Abigail Joy

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