Why Can't The Turtle Sleep?

The Turtle Swims Alone
Across the Ocean Waves Like Cosmos
He Puts a Pebble On His Back
And Calls His Burden The World

Why Cant The Turtle Sleep?
The World Sinks Him Under
And Yet His Eyes Still Stay Open

The Turtle Dreams Of Otters
Of Rafts And Friends And Lovers
Of Happier Times Where He And She
Held Hands As To Not Float Away

Why Can't The Turtle Sleep?
His Dreams Are But Bad Memories
And So His Eyes Must Open

The Turtle Wakes Up, Alone
The Time He Was An Otter Gone
His Shell Develops Such Small Cracks
The Turtle Cries In Silence

Why Can't The Turtle Sleep?
His Tears Are All For Naught
And So His Eyes Stay Open

The Turtle Swims Through Salt
Alone He Pushes Forward
His World, The Pebble Reminds Him
There Are Things To Work Towards

Why Can't The Turtle Sleep?
His Eyes Fight Against Time
And Thus They Cant Stay Open