Ruminations of Gehenna

Explain to me all the Ruminations of Gehenna
As we walk through the valley of the Sons of Hinnom
To the innocence sacrificed like children to Moloch
Explain to me that the heart is Quartered like the Old City
As it opens and closes like the 11 gates of walls belonging to The Magnificent
To be sealed forever shut like the Golden Mercy or gateway to Solomon's stables
Explain to me the Journey, in which we walk to a place known as cursed
As we move close to Isaiah's burning lands
To where the illegitimate are to be passed through the fire
Explain to me the Destination,
As we face Judgement and retribution like the wicked
To be stood beneath the shrines broken by Josiah
Explain to me the there after
As if we would ever get a second death
To places where the worms in corpses never die
Please explain to me these nightmares of Gehenna
As I lay softly on your chest to get the sound of the heartbeat
To wait for those times where I get to softly fall asleep