Silent Tears

as dark as the night is outside
lingers darkness in this woman inside
the longing for life somewhere, someway, somehow
burned, washed away, can't remember when, or how

two hands folding together on bended knees
while winds find their way through untamed trees
silent tears running down, empty eyes, a silent cry
thoughts filled with nothing, no reason, no why

the soul in this body wants to go, escape into the far
want to fly into the shining of a lonely star
where there is no hurt, no pain, no emptyness
where calm and peace reigns, and love so endless

had enough of a worlds fake emotions and empty spaces
that tear apart souls alive, to compete in foolish races
a soul like this don't need to die, no need to cry
just because others want to play ruthless and lie

enough of this empty, shallow, cruel world, enough
a soul tonight, decide, nothing will stop her go, she is tough
an end to all these silent tears so often cried
this body may die, but the soul left into the night
no silent tears, just joy and pride


Leaking Pen
Dear Riana
I truly enjoyed this poem, it speaks volume to my heart, I do not wonder about loneliness anymore, I instead celebrate my spiritual independence from this world, I learned long time ago to love myself fist not in a selfish way, I still have a caring heart, but I am not tied down by the forced wind among untamed trees , to achieve nirvana in ones short life on this planet is such a blessing, it sounds to me your are there already

silent tears

thank you Paul


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