I’ve sauntered through the centuries
Constructed this dark legacy,
Possessed the air of leprosy
And fell upon my feet.
I’ve wrangled with the unprepared
Pacified the truly scared,
Unsuccessfully repaired
The dread of when we meet.

I’m there when life is waning
Through the thrall of death, abstaining,
Till there’s little left remaining
But a husk of sand and earth,
I’ve marched with every army
Rode the crest of each tsunami,
But they seldom ever harm me
For I know perdition’s worth.

I’m the tourniquet you shy from
I’m that final, lasting swan song,
I’m the emperor of the throng
That no longer has a voice.
For they’ve paid their solemn dues
As their light of life’s removed,
Now my wiles are set on you
And you really have no choice.

Now when the end’s encroaching
With A wisp of me approaching,
You’ll cry and whimper, hoping
That I’ll spare your sulking soul,
But that’s not in my nature
And there is no power greater,
And I’ll never return later
‘Cause it’s time to pay deaths toll.

Adam, for a truck driver...

David o Whalen you seem to be able to manage more than big rigs. This poem is reminiscent of Our ol' pal and fellow poet Edgar Allan Poe. Rhyme and rhythm spot on and the theme is consistent throughout. I hope you drive your trucks as well as you compose poetry. This poem is excellently written in every way. I don't compliment lightly (or often) but I have to give credit where credit is due. Welcome to this site Adam, and it's a very welcome addition indeed. Other good sites That you might be interesting in joining me on are; Poemhunter.com (with over a million poets and readers), Writing.com, (a very good and large site also), Writers Cafe.com (this one's a bit of a social media as much as a proper poetry site), Poetrysoup.com, (a friendly and easy to use site, though smaller than the first two) and lastly AllPoetry.com (my least favorite of the five) Again, excellent writing, and be prepared for many good comments from the many good poets of this site. Enjoy!

Why thankyou David,

Just to be mentioned in the same breathe as the eminent Mr Poe is an unparallelled compliment, let alone having similarities drawn on him. I can not express my gratitude to you for taking the time to peruse my musings.

Actually driving every day gives me quite an exorbitant amount of time for contemplation on whatever piece I'm writing at the time, granted some pieces get a little bogged down in the vocabulary, because maybe I have too much time to dwell in my own head. lol But that's part of the joy of writing for me, to try and come up with a different way to say something.

Thanks also for the sites mentioned I have joined Writers.com and Poetrysoup and will see where I go from there.

Again thank you for taking the time to read my work, it is extremely appreciated.

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