Banshees’ howl and werewolves’ prowl,
Medusa’s calling your name,
Under the cowl of vampiric fowl
You’re raising the stakes to the game.
A common greed, as succubi feed
Engulfing your final amen,
Planting the seed so all that you’ll need
Is the wisdom of darkness again!

Incubi mate invoking a fate,
Zombies seem so rotted out,
Cerberus waits, guarding the gate;
Screaming evolves from a shout.
Wendigo beasts and satanic priests
Infecting a poisoning pen,
Cannibal feasts, knowing at least
You’re welcoming darkness again.

Hessian witch, a smouldering bitch
Cursing you all from the flame,
Spasmodic twitch relieving the itch
Still figments of evil remain.
Entangled within a commoners sin
Corrupting the roots of our Zen,
Bleeding the kin and welcoming in
The wisdom of darkness again!
© Copyright 2013 Adam Parker

Damn Adam!

David o Whalen
This is great! I hope you get loads of reads so that upcoming, aspiring poets can learn from you. You're as close to a modern day Poe as you can be. Write on!

Thank you David

Sorry for the late reply but I've been extraordinarily busy the last couple of weeks.
Thank you for taking the time to have a look mate, extremely high praise! Much appreciated.
You might be interested to know that this was inspired by Billy Idol's song "Body Snatcher" just a bit of useless background.

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