In This Life

I want to BE your LOVE to be
You caterer, your DREAMER to be
Not in this life, but the next
You’re shackled TODAY to another

In the next life your LOVE to be
I’ll SHOW you what true love to be
Your feet bound hard stone beat
Weight of forgetful HISTORY

On the contrary, I’m willing TO BE
Your melting spring GLEE
HEART of frozen glaciers
Who thought LIFE can emerge?
From DEPTH of the frozen

I ‘LL show you how GREEN the valleys below
And happiness adds RICHNESS to the cow’s udder
I bind core of SWEET clover leaves
And blush HEARTS of poppy flowers

I am HOME of the bee
My nectar feeds the honey tree
That crowns dry brow to pure GOLD
Feeds NATURE morning hunger

Search deep MIRACLES do occur at sea
Let sails bloat free
Fire and ice BIRTH life
HEART and HEAD earth pulse

When was the last time LOVE parted your Red Sea
Or CHARTED honey in a cup of tea
INSTEAD of pawning the remains
Adding more ash to the hearth of winter

In the next life one ID
Our flames will be RENEWAL plea
So bright their hue ETERNAL
Souls celebrate two suns

New heaven Gods agree
Where souls meet to be FREE
Fulfill their destiny
I am your chariot wings
Up to heaven SEAT

Your GROUND now six by six by six: FEE
Lethargy, loneliness and loss on bended knee
Course laid down by the devil SOLID
No saintly voices found HERE

What keeps hidden inside your memory KEY?
Locks way of the locked Dead Sea
I am the air that NEEDS to expand
Loosen life’s lid to FREEDOM

Freeze dials of the banshee
Let LIFE giving sun in to be
Set bound wings on FLIGHT
Up and away fly with me TO THE LIGHT
In this life I am the now: let your past FLEE

November 3, 2013
Copyright Leaking Pen 2013

Wonderfully written poetry, Paul...

This is wonderfully written poetry, Paul. The subject matter in this is visually intense, creative, and clearly heartfelt. I admire your fine ability to so vividly express such a high level of passionate thoughts and emotion within your words. I think that the sincere and upfront, artfully romantic overall nature of your writing in this is profoundly appealing, displaying your gifted ability to bring the readers directly into your work. Thanks for posting this fine write, as I continue to both appreciate and enjoy reading your powerfully compelling, impressive poetry. Take care, Paul.

J.P. (Rex)

Thanks Rex

Leaking Pen
From heart of romantic poetry to yours, this painting came to me as I reflected on past relationships, I have learned that sometimes it takes separation from the ones we love to learn what true love is all about, I feel free now as a beam of light that shines on a dark alley of loneliness, for I am stronger and a better conduit to conduct next love when and it will come my way, I appreciate you feeling my poetry, it means the world to me

Passionate Vibrant and Alive

This is wonderful, passionate, vibrant and alive. I like how you emphasized some words. Your writing in this seems to flow freely as something you had to express rather than something you sat and tried to write. To let go of the past...a lesson I have struggled with and anguished over. I like how you express love and light and freedom with grace. It is almost if you are standing in front of them with all that you are, pleading with them to see the big picture, your view of their life. It is a push in the right direction, helping someone to set themselves free. Great write Paul, thanks for sharing.


Ready for my new wardrobe Jill

Leaking Pen
Dear Jill
I don't know where to start, we both share painful experiences from the history of love, but somehow the light bulb within my heart came on and I am able to see better the dark road of my wronged ways, I feel free now to move beyond the confine of my prison in this world and ready to embrace new love that comes my way with no conditions, no master or slave here anymore, but equal footings, ready to lead and be lead, I have been chiseled with a new core, the old self has been released to grow new wings of freedom to true love, as I look back now on past relationships, I realized how much I have learned and grown, I look forward to the next chapter in my life, its shedding of the old skin for new wardrobe, thanks for understanding where I am coming from!

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