Grandma's Cookie Jar

I wish I could make you laugh, do you remember
When children purposely let go of a fart?
They giggled like the world had no end
Laughter free from guilt; pure and innocent!
Or when they hunched behind grandma’s snoring corps
Entangled their hands in her precious cookie jar
They laughed and laughed and laughed for evermore
Crumbled each cookie- delight in the theft-
I wonder which act has the greatest joy?
Gobble each crumble or the mischievous theft
Reason to believe the second trumps the first
Hark me back to childhood year’s make-believe
When the world was as big as grandma's cookie jar
Yet small enough to explore from book to book!

March 10 2014-
Copyright Leaking Pen 2014

Excellent, worthwhile poetry, Paul...

This is excellent, worthwhile poetry, Paul. I like the overall idea of this, and I felt moved and drawn in to the subject matter while I came to read it. Your writing, as usual, comes across as being profoundly clever and heartfelt. I also tend to feel that this fine write focuses upon some thoughts and emotions that many of the readers can most likely relate to. You continue to bring forth memorable, compelling material. Thanks for posting another impressively expressed, passionate probing, Paul. I really enjoyed this.

J.P. (Rex)

Corner Stones

Leaking Pen
Dear Rex
First of all thanks for your kind words sweet as my grandma's love
I have few corner stones in my life and my grandma is one, and as I get older myself and life takes its toll on me with its demands I hark back to my childhood years where I catch a breath of fresh air much needed for my busy lungs, I am glad that my poem brought same nostalgia to you, it makes me feel happy again
we all belong to one family at the end of the day

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