I wish I can live inside a poetic bubble
To avoid each time double the trouble
Where my poetic mind from doubts stumbles
And my heart from uncertainties crumbles.

I am like many budding poets on the run
Intimidated by poets laureates bright Sun.
The one solace we’re equal in God's eyes
And God hears all of our lamenting cries.

And if I can wish for that elusive fish
Two precious ones I wish to be on my dish
Poetic fluency my foremost desire
And the Sun's heart my burning fire .

Then I can claim each inventive thought
And feelings by which satisfaction is brought
In equal stepping measures
To create masterful treasures.

But then what's poetry without the ultimate?
Blessed wish like finding a faithful mate…
Grace I seek for my daily cup
It’s heaven's poetic measuring cup.

For grace allows me to lift up my poetic words
And gracefully fly them like the Hummingbirds
And cause the reader’s frozen heart to melt
Not from impious pride but from virtue felt.

And as I forge each masterpiece
Crafted with honesty as a centerpiece
And not one single poem to glorify me
But to honor God’s love in my poetry.

March 27 2014
Copyright Leaking Pen 2014

Exceptional poetry, Paul...

I really like the passionate and creative aspects of this exceptional poetry, Paul. Your fine ability to come up with original concepts and themes throughout your writing continues to be apparent in a truly artistic and compelling manner. Also, I like the way this impressive write is structured, and the way in which it came to flow so fluently while I read it. Take care, Paul, and thanks for delivering more moving, worthwhile work, as I highly came to enjoy this.

J.P. (Rex)

Thanks Rex

Leaking Pen
I have been in a wintry mood of late and its fangs clutches my spirit but I also manage to bounce back with faith and poetry, passion drive my poetic voice, I appreciate your ability to feel the tone in my poetic voice, I no longer feel alone in the wilderness

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