My dream like swirling cream,
Drifting clouds in my cup of tea.
Not knowing to which team,
I pay my obligation fee.
The vagueness of my scream,
Is it sadness or laughter?
Two identical sounds beam
Which one is faster? My master!
Solitary lung uneven wear
I take the plunge for more air.
Is it relief or stubborn despair?
I quit smoking few years ago
Too late to salvage my choking blow!
I dream of the wholesome pair,
The first day I was born to air!

November 16, 2013
Copyright Leaking Pen 2013

New York’s new teen ban smoking by razing age limit to 21

nice. oops, im still

nice. oops, im still smoking. :)

I never did

Leaking Pen
Hi Riana
I'd rather smoke poetry....its healthier, should I worry about you?


no .. No worries .. Me fine .. lol

Glad to Know

Leaking Pen
You got me going for a while, glad to know all is well

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