Oilfield decanter centrifuge application challenges in US

Decanter centrifuges are used to extract (dewater) solid materials from liquids when they are mixed together in slurry. A main drive motor supplies power to turn the centrifuge. AC drives are commonly used to power the main drive motor. There are several different types of decanter centrifuges, such as: Vertical, horizontal, or scroll (conveyor).
Oilfield decanter centrifuge Application Challenges

Minimize the need for gears or belts to drive the centrifuge.
Control and maintain speed during the decanting process
Develop high torque at very low speeds.
Two motor applications, one for the bowl and one for the scroll.
The bowl has a very high-reflected inertia.
The scroll is usually in continuous regeneration, as it runs at a slower speed than the bowl and is pulled along.
Torque limiting on the scroll is very important.
Some configurations require zero-speed operation of the scroll (differential gearbox).
Dynamic braking or regenerative modules may be required if the bowl is NOT driven by a drive.
Explosion-proof environments.
This type of drilling centrifuge is common in the wastewater treatment plants. It is considered a continuous flow machine because it will run hours at a time.

Some decanter centrifuges of solids control are powered by a motor and gearbox combination. The gearbox provided the correct speed and torque to drive the centrifuge. Since this is a mechanical type of configuration, it is subject to frequent preventive maintenance and mechanical failures. An AC drive can provide the required torque with greater efficiency and reliability.

KOSUN DC drives have a full set of features designed to protect centrifuge operation. Overtorque and Undertorque protection are used to detect impending faults and help prevent machine downtime. Integrated electronic dynamic braking is used to bring the centrifuge to a stop without the need for brake pads.

KOSUN drilling solids control equipment DC drive features such as Stall Prevention, and Feed Forward work together to develop required torque and speed required to power a centrifuge filled with dense slurry. Fully adjustable Acceleration and Deceleration times, together with Intelligent Stall Prevention, can also be employed to reduce processing time.