We're all on our own

See that tree ?
Do you see
The same one
As me ?

We each see things
With our memory
As as they are all different
It therefore cannot be

Each depiction
Is our own little fiction
A spot in time
Exclusively mine

When we look at things
We remember what we've known
As so, because of that
We're all on our own.

Great Mystery

With a simple little rhyme
you describe a great mystery
that has kept philosophers going
for centuries--
Soi much fun to read
Thank-you for sharing


Great mystery

Thanks John,

I'm glad that my poem meant something to you. I got the idea from watching a TV documentary about the artist David Hockney. He commented on a tree that he had observed and the fact that what he saw would be different from the impression that another person might have. For the reasons set out in my poem.

Caroline x

Self reflection

Leaking Pen
Dear Caroline
How true, my heart always blue, the lighter shade of blue where happiness dwells , I love your poem
short and sweet like candy in my mouth

What a lovely poem in reply

Thanks Paul,
And I love your poem
Caroline x

Had a great rythem to the

Had a great rythem to the words. You have a very unique way of rhyming and explaining things simply. Keep it up! How long does it take you to write things like this?

Thanks Happydancer

Hi Happy,
Thanks for your kind comment.In answer to your question about how long it takes, I just find that the words come into my mind and I just write them straight down onto the page.
Caroline x

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