X Marks the Spot

Quite simply put, I found my dream
Blue skies knit in pink cloud screams
Feathered dusters of hope filled winds
Sparkling waters prancing deep within
Confined, no more, to swinging doors
Jet streams fueled for a Milky Way score
It was by chance that I found my dream
Piggy back riding on the likes of queens
No, not princesses, and not a mere toad
I am no longer running from my overload
For the child inside has quite a nice voice
And she will sing for supper, a fine choice
As if all her cares were packaged in strings
In love with all others, my favorite things
Let the hills beware of the circling thought
Of my beautiful dream alive, all that I’ve got
And all that I will put to the enormous quest
Of showing all my colors, the tie dyed zest
The unimaginable dream of the child’s song
Finding a place in the arts, where I belong
I found my dream map, X marks the spot

Kathy Paysen 2014

Lovely, wonderfully composed poetry, Kathy.

I so very much enjoyed this lovely, wonderfully composed poetry, Kathy. A most artfully crafted, uplifting write. You have such a beautiful ability to construct creative, passionate work. This quality poetry is filled with glowing visual imagery and exceptional descriptive references, as your writing throughout the verse is refreshing, powerfully imaginative, and spiritually inspiring. Thank you so much, Kathy, for sharing more outstanding, heartwarming poetry.

J.P. (Rex)

Catching the Spirit of New Things

Dear J.P.,

Thanks for the read. This was an all out attempt to put my positive thoughts into action. I want to make the most of the final chapters of my life. I wrote to inspire myself ... it works ... most of the time. I am always delighted to hear from you. Your voice is beautiful. Thanks for your kindness dear buddy.



Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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