Where Angels Rest

Colors bleed in the shadows
Wings unfurled inside shade
A calm that collects in black
Night lace of light trees made
Delicate the dancers of stars
Reseeding the calm of Earth
In the silent hues of harmony
A dreaming forest gives birth
Branches filled with dreamers
Colors blossoming in the sun
Nests built by guardian angels
Protecting what God has spun
Thoughts that move like rivers
Prayers that fall like gentle rain
Into the arms of Heaven’s limbs
We find love will forever remain
In the colors that shadows bleed

Kathy Paysen 2013

Beautiful poetry, Kathy...

I truly admire this beautiful poetry, Kathy. It is filled with stellar descriptive references, and brings forth the feelings of warmth, grace, and spiritual inspiration. Your ability to convey great imagery throughout your words really came to move me while I read this creative and tenderly-crafted write. Thanks so much, Kathy, for sharing more of your wonderfully impressive, and quality work. God bless you.

J.P. (Rex)



I always love hearing from you. You are a true blessing dear buddy. Thank you so much for being vested in my poetry. I truly appreciate your kindness.



Dallas, Texas

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