Upon This Rock

Effervescent the breeze, when the child comes out to play

Ocean swells of butterflies flutter in a quarter moon’s gaze

From a rocky cliff, he hangs his heart upon his wishing star

An old lighthouse paints the ocean with pigments from afar

Such a sight in his ragged grey clothes and tossed curly hair

Magical the mindset of a child, in this world that time snares

Planets call out his name as he snuggles against a cold stone

He has no time to sleep in the silent world that left him alone

The constellations begin to dance as he stares into their eyes

A heavenly storyteller comes to greet him in his coat of sky

Colors fall upon him, like a dream blowing in a gentle wind

North, South, East, and West, the universe welcomes him in

In the arms of galaxies, a young boy skips through light years

Through the night he seeks the sheep that Christ held so near

Like a shepherd boy, he wonders, to find what love can endure

He learns of kings and wisdom and what love’s lights will cure

There in the hollow of a cold rock, Peter found our foundation

God dwells in the hearts of all his children, God’s civilizations

Kathy Paysen 2013

Are we what was enVisioned?

I expected better.

Building Church, A New Frontier


I appreciate your honesty, it is refreshing.

I wrote this poetry at three in the morning ... an exercise to quiet my heart. The imagery in my head was very peaceful.

This poem started off as a singular vision ... then a feeling ... and then it evolved. These are my feelings about Church and what it means to me. Although I value community and beautiful architecture, I am inclined to believe that Church is where we are and not where we attend. Church is not horizontal, and Church is not vertical, it is in every direction WE go to find OUR God. I believe that communion is our relationship with God and helping others find the good in themselves and others. I believe our world is in need of this kind of Church, a daily hands on Church.

I have been working a retail job for a month and have not had time to read your poetry at the Showcase. I will make sure and stop by your blog after work today.

Hope you and your bouncing boy are having the time of your life.



Dallas, Texas

3 A.M.

A time to come together in words or dream. Even as I fall apart I can't help but stare into the Eyes of Destiny and question whether I've done enough. I tried my damndest but did I do ENOUGH? So when I lie there and stare into the Ceiling I see lights reflecting me and am disappointed. I will walk into the Fire or wherever you Lead if you'll just keep Writing. I need the Clarification.



Enough is Enough


I have discovered that writing leads to understanding. Like Paul said, it is this desire to write at any hour that brings one into their own.

I admit that it smarts when I have to get up and go to work after writing in the wee hours of the morning. Even my animals think I am a bit looney ... but I keep pumping out the toons ... tunes.

Life is so relative. You are a young man. You have a great heart and you have the gift of a creative mind. Being creative is a purpose ... there is treasure in this ability. Treasure is not success or money, treasure is the realization that you are sharing and developing your gifts to the best of your ability.

Do not be disappointed by others expectations or your failures. I have learned so much from failure. Failure makes us better. I have nothing ... to speak of George ... a lot of hardship. But ... I have spent four years writing my heart out and discovering that creative thinking is the catalyst to understanding life.

Your clarification will not come from my writing, it will come from yours. As God is my witness, all things are possible with God. Writing is like meditation ... it relaxes the mind and the heart.

Joy is having a baby boy to bounce. Enjoy!

Thanks for your encouragement George. I hope something I write or say helps. I know how important it is to connect, and we are connected. My poem today was about being Church to one another ... and we are.



I love your honesty ... truly I do. xo

Misinterpreting Realities

Does it reallY say that? The Bible is a long book with as many misinterpretations as there are individuals, so sometimes I forget what it says to me. I don't read because I'm illiterate but wonder if I shouldn't pretend to attend Church more often?



Matthew 18:20

Leaking Pen
Dear Kathy
Heart Of The universal truth
I love your poem, and I agree with your comments to George, the church is not horizontal, or vertical, it is not a building or dwelling for "For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them." I want to be the child in your poem, I want to be embraced by the galaxies, true love, open love, honest love, but above all
love that bares no bias or stubborn opinion, if there on truth I know is where your heart lies, and I celebrate your freedom in Christ, not the prison of religion, keep on the message, do not waiver, it seems we both have been on parrallal tracks, I have been writing my poetry 3 to 4 in morning, lack of sleep does wonder to unmask our masks and reveal who we truly are, when the body and mind surrenders to fatigue, the honest truth comes out, and amen to your truth
love always

Plowing the Fields, Germinating Thoughts

Hi Paul,

I was called into my 2nd job today at a Dress Boutique. I love the owner of this shop. I am allowed to bring my computer to work and be as creative as I want during the slow periods. I have even painted in the back office between customers. She is a spiritual woman too.

Thank you for understanding my three o'clock power surge. I have come to love the quiet of being in between my waking world and resting world. It seems that writing is like plugging into a very spiritual world.

It calms me to know that you understood my outlook this morning. I love the rush of thought that takes me to a cliff and lets me examine the stars and all within. You are the boy, and I am the boy. We are both Peter. We are ALL Peter, the rock, the Church. Some images are much bigger than our sex or our humanity can comprehend.

I am not sure what gives me the desire to inspire, but it draws and quarters me into what I am becoming.

If not for our thoughts, surely we would be dead. Thoughts transcend life.

Thank you for plowing the field; that I may grow in our thoughts, our words, and our deeds.

Clearly there is a reason we are connected ... even in the wee hours of the morning.



Dallas, Texas

Forgive a stray who wandered in...


Oh, Kathy, you're writing better than ever. This one is truly a masterwork. The sumptuous imagery we have all come to expect, with a new narrative unity and progression. I've been so busy on AllPoetry and doing this and that with my little book. I finally put it in paperback on Amazon. If you haven't seen my august visage, it's floating somewhere on this site. I'm also busy on GoodReads and Shelfari, while writing numerous reviews for Amazon. The Quakers are giving me additional assignments.

Am I officially beyond the pale? Am I officially what my friend "Hollywood" calls a Far-Left Loon? Is Jesus himself ticked off by my crudity and lack of taste? Just wondering.

I see you're employed. I have moved from disability to retirement under Social Security.

Give me a holler. I just posted a poem on Everypoet. Come over and have look.

Love ... Today ... and ... Always!


Happy Valentine's Day dear heart. xo

I have been working two jobs to make ends meet (minimum wage type work in retail) and I have not been very good at keeping up with the world.

I always love hearing from you. You are a favorite. I will make my way to Everypoet one day soon. I miss you!

Have a beautiful day!


Kathy :o)

Dallas, Texas

Thanks for the Valentine.

I think it was my only one.
Sob! Sob! Poor little me.
Always a pleasure to hear from you.
Sorry the system feels a need to work you to death!

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