The Parable of the Pebble

Perhaps the smallest pebble could line my shoe

One small pebble could change a point-of-view

As a grain of sand to the creation of a black pearl

One small pebble could be like a blue ocean’s curl

With each step, moving one foot, and then the other

One small pebble could remind me of love’s Mother

That tiny rock that pounds, like the rush of the storm

Moving when I move, one with me, polished and worn

Changing my outlook on children truly suffering Earth

The hungry, the thirsty, the lost without their true worth

Reality is obscured by the photographic wealth of some

One small pebble could give new meaning to man’s run

Surely our competitive nature is not governed by power

One small pebble could remind me to devote, not devour

Perhaps one small pebble could change my point-of-view

Just a tiny reminder: Be a blessing to all, not just a few

Kathy Paysen 2013

Dedicated to all that know there must be a way to take the weight of suffereing off of other's hearts; to the countless saints that go unrecognized in their service to our universe. Love, it bears all things.


Ed Schwartz Kathy, you could very well be that pebble that just changes one little thing in the world. When the butterfly flaps it's wing. Very nicely put. poeted

Catalyst For Change


Your heart felt comment struck a chord in me. Years ago, I used to cantor in the Catholic Church; I lead congregational music. A dear priest once gave a homily I shall never forget. He said:

To make a difference in the world
Start simple
Like a rock that skips across the water
Just be that ripple
Be that simple gesture
That catalyst that moves something
You do not have to throw darts
You do not have to hit the bullseye
You just have to use the gifts you have
Be the best you can be
And that will make all the difference
In the world

This priest is in Jerusalem today. He is a guardian of the Holy Land. We have not spoke for many years, but I shall never forget his ways. He made a difference.

He was also very musical, he played the organ and sang. Some of the best moments of my life were spent co-celebrating, worshipping together. He was one of a kind. A true disciple of the cloth.

You leave sparks in your comments. You move me.

Warm regards,

Kathy :0)

Dallas, Texas


You are the rock in my 'rock'n'roll', the stone in my 'rolling stones'. Your poetic pebble is in my pocket, to remind me of the all the wonderful lessons that you teach through your delightful poetry. The Poetry Showcase is your new school, and your blog is your classroom, and here am I, a student signing up for Parables 101. Let the lesson begin.

Kind regards,

Chris (^o^)

An Analogy, Word Pictures


The lessons in my poetry are a list of things I need to do. I have a lot of living to do. :)

I have always been a person that finds an analogy in lessons. I am also one of those people that takes a while to process what I hear. I am not quick witted, but when put to the test, I can perform.

I write about what I dream about, think about, and aspire to become. It is important to live our dreams.

Thanks for 'rock'n'rolling' with me dear friend. I always have time to rock out with you.



Dallas, Texas

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