The Green Mile

That green mile was a sight to see. It twisted and turned through forests and sea.

Near a tiny castle in the west of Somewhere, lived the enchanted Village of Eclair.

It seemed all would be lost, if their Queen did not get engaged before the frost.

Winter wore a horrible grey, and their Queen could only dream of marriage in May.

She had a disposition like an infectious child, always fishing and tracking the wild.

She was not an ordinary Queen. She slept in a double bed and loved to eat ice cream.

Strawberry was her favorite flavor. She dreamed of an ice cream wedding with favors.

Yes, she wore a double X, but that did not keep her from wanting a man that could flex.

She wrote a proclamation for all the land. She wanted a prince that could jump and bend.

The trumpets blared and the day began, princes from Everywhere lined up across her land.

All in green, the Queen’s favorite color, all in good form, leaping amongst one another.

The village people stood in awe, as the princes arrived in the beauty of their warm fall.

The trees burned in orange and red. The Queen rode her bike into town, full speed ahead.

Down the hill, never could she go up. She coasted by the princes and gave a thumbs up.

She had a plan, one she had read in a book. She was to kiss each prince, but never look.

A kissing booth was constructed in the middle of town, she giggled to be lost and found.

She knew she could find a prince with a kiss, every good fairy tale starts exactly like this.

The court jesters moved in to put chap stick on her lips, strawberry flavored for the hits.

A fog came in as the kissing games began. The princes jumped, sang, and dutifully swam.

The Queen’s wizard arrived at the court. He gave the Queen an elixir to prevent warts.

A mile of kissing made the Queen smile. She summoned the very last kisser to stay awhile.

She removed her blindfold and extended her arms. The cutest prince jumped with charm.

His name was Sherwood, a green little fellow, with a belly that moved like strawberry jello.

Prince Sherwood was fit and green as could be. He was the frog for this queen sized queen.

What were you expecting from this feverish tale, a Johnny Depp in emerald coat tails?

Not to worry, this Queen was a frog too, a mighty smart one that knew what to do.

"Let’s get married down at the river in May so that our little polliwogs can swim all day."

Strawberry ice cream fit for any fly, was scooped up, and the village had no dry eyes.

Happily ever after, they fished and they tracked. Their babies rode on their bare backs.

That green mile was a sight to see. It twisted and turned through forests and trees.

The End. Ribbett.

Kathy Paysen 2013