Golden Oars

Oars of gold can compose a song.
Drifting, she dreamed all day long.

In time’s absence is great presence.
Surrender haunts a heart’s essence.

She knew what nothingness knew.
In a symphonic sea, her soul grew.

Fragrant the lapse of heaven’s time.
Clouds moving petals of the divine.

Night planting diamonds into dreams.
Roses blooming, constellations unseen.

She stirred her sea with golden beams.
Everything orchestrated in her dreams.

Soft the strings of the lighthouses there.
Light pulling the silver in her long hair.

A gentle fog of boats passing under suns.
The orchestra begins, creation has begun.

Swells of hope in tides of a never before,
Golden oars arranging a universe’s score.

Kathy Paysen 2013