A Manatee and an Elephant

I pulled a blue crayon from a deep sea.
A grey crayon surfaced into a manatee.

Slowly he paddled in currents of colors.
Green crayons for forest, earth’s covers.

In a cloud of rust, an elephant is praying.
Manatee listens to all this grey is saying.

Upon water, Manatee catches his breath.
He is a river mammal, shallow his depth.

Elephant has lost his family once again.
Man is his only predator, not his friend.

He lifts his trunk into the rainforest air.
A mighty giant feels his heart’s despair.

Looking up, his whiskered chubby face,
Manatee invites Elephant to enjoy his space.

Elephant smiles and enters the sun streams.
The river has a way of capturing all dreams.

They talk for ages, these mammals of grey.
Each one listening to what the other has to say.

It seems that history has brought them together.
They are so alike, these greys of great measure.

Both endangered, they honor our planet of color.
They are gentle greys, they cherish their Mother.

Tender their ways, they bathe in the rainforest rain.
They speak of how we can teach a world to remain.

For all that remain hopeful and mindful of another,
Will find their way in a world with the same Mother.

It is not easy being a child orphaned by man’s hands.
It is so important for us all to learn to fully understand.

We are not alone, and we never, ever, ever, will be.
We are as important as water for the fish of the sea.

I pulled a blue crayon from the deep sea.
I learned that there is more to life, than just me.

Kathy Paysen 2014

"Rainbows in the Rainforest Collection"
February 26, 2009, Internet Poetry, EveryAuthor.com
Educational poetry for the world we live in

It Takes A Village

Leaking Pen
Dear Kathy
Heart Of The Sunflower
This poem should be the united nation's new code of conduct spread all over the world to teach us how to get along and give a helping hand, no man is an island on his own, laying aside the philosophical mantra in your poem, I love the way it flows freely like the way life should be, you have an amazing gift for the narrative embroidered with the soul of love and caring, their is innocence in your work pure as children's heart, for Jesus said let the children come to me, there is a reason for his calling them , if we can all be like children with no bias or preconceived ideas, the friendship in your poem between the manatee and the elephant gives me hope that there are voices out there that still believe in a world of sharing and caring, it is not all about the individual , it does take a village to solve humanities insurmountable problems, we are one when we extend a helping hand
love always

Rainbows in the Rainforests Collection ~ Kathy Paysen

Dear Paul,

I can remember the early days, when you became my buddy. I remember all those sleepless nights waiting for anyone to console me, as I tended to a dying friend, my Mother. And in my longing and in all my need, I found that hope seed ... blowing in the wind ... of a poetry blog.

Last night was but another sleepless night, as I ponder the unbelievable hatefulness of some (management) at my retail job. It seems that being 62 and being a woman bothers a company that prides themselves on young management that rises (when they are not ready). It is clear that my company of over one year has never really wanted me, when a young manager can hire a friend (instead). It brings out the Leo in me, the roar and the light. I am waiting to have that restful night when I know that all I try to sow bears fruit, because I can try no harder. The economy and sales, in my opinion, has brought out the worst in most.

I share my heart with you so freely because I trust you and the hopeful readers that are looking for answers to a world of problems.

I believe my "Rainbows in the Rainforest Collection" on our sister site, Author.com is being read by an international audience. I have been contacted several times with permission to print some of these poems in textbooks or for use in an educational setting. I have heard from publishing companies in England and Ireland.

I was a teacher for over 15 years and when I could no longer find a job in this profession, I wrote and I keep writing. I keep writing because I know that someone out there will read it and share it.

Your friendship has opened up the world to me, the world that talks like the endangered Manatee and Elephant. I can relate to their crisis and I am glad that my poetry has a spiritual edge because I believe it is our Spirit that carries us where we need to be.

Thanks for letting me wake up to your beautiful comment. It is your comment that will carry me through the days ahead with a smile and the conviction to know that hope is as real as the love we have for each other.

I certainly love you sir.



Fort Lauderdale, Florida

To Find one's Manatee

Leaking Pen
Dear Kathy
Heart Of The Golden Sunflower
I always believe when one door shuts, another opens up, working in retail is a soul slayer, I always believed your true gifts are in creative writing, in all genre- from Poetic theatre to musical songs begging at your front door, I know we all need to work for a living, but what if you can make income from doing what your love to do by publishing your work, your voice needs to be heard, If I had your gifts I will consider myself the luckiest person on this planet, you have an amazing way with words, your tales and essays second to none, drawn on your gifts and share with the world, retail is not your place of residence, but publishing is, I know the tough journey you have been through in recent years, but the greatest loss if your voice in not heard, time is finite, and the gift given to you needs it day in the sun, you are the only one who can plant the sunflower for all of us to admire and partake in its dance with the Sun
Amen to that!

Full Proof Lessons


Sending you a cyber hug, not just because you are so dear, but because you are like a geometry problem with the full proof lesson that life has meaning.

I appreciate your great confidence in my creative writing. I will give your beautiful comment much consideration. They say that our brain chemistry produces a lot of what we do to produce success. If I could just tap into the positive thinking that produces great brain chemistry. I have learned so much in the past 20 years and I am still finding myself like the fly to the fly paper, stuck. God has evolved in so many ways, ways that God could never evolve as a pew sitter.

I forget to trust in God, even though I am a poet that very much believes in God. Some would say this is insane, but clearly it is not. There are voices out there, like yours and mine, that are purging their souls in the arts. The arts do make a great difference in our approach to living. I would love to find myself between the covers of a book, or behind a microphone stand, because I too ... think that is my purpose.

It is rare for one to be so generous in Spirit, you are very wise dear man. To pour your time into each of us with such love is extraordinary. Thanks!


Kathy xo

Fort Lauderdale, Florida


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