From the Bridge

Black and white the day grew long. Etchings of thoughts painted their songs.

Amid the drift of a summer day, a sun eclipsed young lovers fading away.

Into the brush, along the bridge, two white silhouettes floated into tall grass along a tranquil grassy ridge.

A parasol pushed up against the blackest sky. From the bridge, the romance caught my eye.

Lily pads danced in the silent pool. I stood for hours watching this canvas veiled in tulle.

Stark the figures of life unlit. The sun stood idle as I prepared my artist’s kit.

Behind the shadows of stars you see, is a palette of light brushed in ecstasy.

Yellow circles pulsated around the veiled sun as I brushed long strokes of green and blue into the breeze that hummed.

Flowers bloomed on this black and white day as the blanket of sun gently pulled away.

Creation blossomed in my very soul. The colors of the rippling waters pulled up into the beauty on the knoll.

She stood so peacefully against the wind. Her long hair pulled up against the clouds pulling more light in.

Effortless the stride of serenity exposed. I stood in awe of what my mind composed.

Impressions of life are like a bouquet of flowers. Their fragrance moves memories from years to hours.

Like my pocket watch that fathers time, I was in God’s elements, my mission divine.

To contain my heart, I followed the trees. I could breathe them in with such calm and ease.

A monologue in color leaves me for a loss of words. It is as though Mother Earth is holding my heart, undisturbed.

A bridge welcomes the company of everything I feel, to be one in the Spirit of mind, paper, and quill.

Across the bridge, in the soft light of a heavenly smile, I see Claude Monet motion for me to come and sit, and rest with him awhile.

Kathy Paysen 2013

View from the Bridge

Dear Kathy,

One of the (many) things I love about your poetry is your tendency to blend senses, especially sight and sound. 'Etchings of thoughts painted their songs' - only you could have written that. Heh. That line (among others, such as, 'a palette of light brushed in ecstasy') identifies this piece of poetry as a classic 'Paysen'. A couple of the images from this poem remind me of Jane Seymour's character in the film, "Somewhere in Time". I really like your phrase, 'moves memories from years to hours' - that's so true of a particular song or scent, isn't it? The only line that tripped me up was "The bridge it pulls me into everything I feel" - not sure what you mean by that. I'll have to re-read it a couple more times. LOL. Have a great week, take care, and best wishes.

Warmest regards,


Somewhere in Time

Dearest Chris,

I am so grateful for your editor's eye on my writing. I took a gander at the line that tripped you up, and hopefully untangled it.

It is a great compliment to state that this reminded you of Jane Seymour's performance in the film, "Somewhere In Time". If I can grab the presence of Monet and Jane Seymour, I am thrilled. This film will remain one of my favorites, though I confess I watched if for the first time last year.

It is exciting to have you view my work as a classic 'Paysen'. I don't intend to have a style, but I am delighted that you believe I do.

You are a steadfast buddy and I truly appreciate you and your sincerity.


Kathy :)

Dallas, Texas

Throw Me a Line

Dear Kathy,

It's my pleasure to help if/when I can. I just hope that one fine day I can write poetry as inspirational as yours. And yes, that line reads much more fluidly now, and I can totally understand what you mean by it. It's a wonderful poem, my friend. Take care in this cold weather, and best wishes. Enjoy the rest of your week,

Warm regards,

Chris ♡

Tenderly romantic, quality write.

This is such wonderfully-crafted, elegantly composed poetry, Kathy. Your writing throughout this lovely work is so artistically creative, passionate, and vividly picturesque. Your words paint such a glorious, dream-like scene in this tenderly romantic, quality write. I really became moved in the emotional sense while I came to read it. Thanks so much, Kathy, for sharing more of your glowing, outstanding poetry.

"Impressions of life are like a bouquet of flowers. Their fragrance moves memories from years to hours." - Heartwarming, beautiful poetry.

God bless you,
J.P. (Rex)

Romantic, the Dream


I always look forward to your comments. Your reviews are so inspirational. I truly value your opinion and your blessings.

Thanks for always being there for me. I appreciate you more than you can possibly imagine.

God bless you,

Kathy :o)

Dallas, Texas

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