Fire to the Bone

Caught in a web of falling stars, she felt the voices of time afar.

Colored songs in threads of light pulled like wind through night.

A horse of white, a hill of grey, humility sang to the break of day.

Her armor rested against the tree. The flowers wove her destiny.

Embers danced in her clouds of dreams, visions painting scenes.

War is the ash of thoughts burning. Evil knows a heart’s yearning.

Wisdom came as sun to morning. Courage rode in Hell’s storming.

Proclaiming what flags only hope to be, conquering God in threes.

For by God’s Spirit, nations will bear history, Mother’s mysteries.

And by His crown, Earth will remain, every continent proclaimed.

Father will be the stronghold of each battle, the venom and rattle.

Upon the will of Heaven‘s grace, St. Joan brushed fire from her face.

“I am not afraid … I was born to do this”, proclaimed the brave soul.

The falling stars in all their countenance carried her eyes like lit coals.

Into the night her Spirit rides where God is worn and passion resides.

Kathy Paysen 2013