Catch and Release

Unlike herself, she fell asleep, into a deep blue sea.
Unsuspecting of danger, an open portal to destiny.

In bits of sand and shattered streams of bright sun,
She dove into the darkest waters, night stars spun.

Neon lights of sea and weeds pulled her long hair.
Into the castle she did dream, bubbles into the air.

Upon the floor, flying fish, with fins of finest gold.
Spinning up beyond the surface, a story never told.

Holding tight to all she knew, she fell into the spell.
Against bright colored coral to flowering sea, a sail.

A sail of rainbows blowing in the tides of her heart.
It wrapped itself around her, an odyssey to impart.

Flowing in the silk of a ship, she felt her world begin.
Into the rush of crashing waves, her body did ascend.

It bounced upon the ocean in the calm of the moon.
Resting against the silent reflections, heaven bloomed.

Cascading in the pale light of all that she would see,
A fisherman came in the dim hours, to catch, to be.

Into his net she came, like a mermaid of such grace.
Colored wings unfurled, smiling eyes in a worn face.

He dipped his brush into the water, a painter, to be.
Surrendering to such beauty, he set his captive free.

She fell in miles of blue, breathing love into strife.
Within her wings of destiny, she found God’s life.

Upon her sails she flew, she flew against the wind.
She flew through heaven’s window, to begin, again.

Kathy Paysen 2013

Brush into Heavenly waters

Leaking Pen
Dear Kathy
Heart of the Heavenly Painter
Each time I dip my heart in your paint, I witness a masterpiece hanging from the beauty of your art
I am the captive that you set free, God had bestowed on you the gift of poetry, super digital, high definition
lenses, these are amazing images truly in 3D, You keep inventing and pushing the boundaries in poetry itself , the gift that never seizes to be! " Each time I read a new creation of yours, I fly through heaven's window, I begin and renew my pulse again, surrendering to such beauty, you set my heart free"

"I Would Like to Teach the Word to Sing"


When I was a toddler I used to love to try to tap dance ... loved making rhythmic sounds/noise.

I have always been inventive with words, funny names, songs, and poetry, but never knew it would become my 'survival kit' later in life.

I think back on this ... because it is like a string of pearls ... one pearl at a time ... that gave me this sense to rhyme. It seems that rhyme helps me reason. To know that my art sings, makes me the dancer/singer I always aspired to be, a dream come true.

Thank you so much for letting my poetry be the music we all can fly to, one leading the other. We are in this together ... measure to measure. We can teach the world to sing in perfect harmony!


Kathy xo

Dallas, Texas

Resume Addendum Required

Social architect and Angel educator.

So teach the word to sing such that we may condense all of Beethoven, Shakespeare, Van Gogh, Escher, Dylan and Adele into a single word: Love.

What are the rest of us Writers supposed to do now?



Boot Camp


I am inspired by angels (even the most grounded angels, artists). I am still in boot camp. I suppose "My boots were made for walking."

You are too sweet ... and I like it!

Literally, off and running, to my real job ... running all over Nordstrom for eight hours at a time ... picking up items for internet sales. I love the running, but miss the creative free play of teaching.

May all the obstacles pave our way ... we are programmed to move beyond ... our own imaginations.

Love always finds its way,


Dallas, Texas

Blessings to you and your family. xo

A Soul's Journey

This is amazing Kathy, like a souls journey through a breathtaking water color painting. The paintbrush in God's hand painting the view and life. This is full of grace and abundance, trust and faith. Your imagery is wonderful. Your words here make a mural of words that you could look at in your minds eye for hours. One of my favorites of yours!



To Be Continued


There are so many chapters on life, but my favorites are full of romance, love, and twists in fate.

I thoroughly enjoy your comments as much as I enjoy your art. You have an eye for finding the Spirit.

We share the same sense of adventure, to find Spirit in everything we do. It is a healthy way to live and teach our children how to be.

Even when our world is like a black and white photograph, we can feel its colors. When we can feel color in black and white, we realize that we are the painters. We brush up against each other, and learn that there are no boundaries in God's colors of love.

It is not easy being human, but it is certainly worth the time. To find the time to recognize each others' thoughts is a valuable lesson. When we find the time to understand, we are understood.

You are an inspiration in so many ways. I don't need to count them, but I do count on them. I love you.



Dallas, Texas

The journey ... to be continued. :o)

Mesmerizing Imagination

I love the stories that you weave,
And the dreams that you conceive,
I adore your imagination,
Like the birth of all creation,
Your poetry really moves me,
It gives me flight and sets me free,
Its colors are like a rainbow,
How happy it makes me you'll never know,
Your pace never seems to hasten,
I so enjoy reading a classic 'Paysen',
Following your poetry is like a ritual,
I admire how it's often so spiritual,
I think I'll always be a fan,
As long as there's a pen in your hand.

Love and best wishes always,

Chris :-)

Project Hope


If I painted a picture of myself ... I would be that tiny flower growing in the crack of a sidewalk. It is easy to recognize hope when you have encountered its miracles so many times. I love stories of hope, and I love the challenges that give us an opportunity to discover hope.

One talks of being something when they grow-up, not understanding that obstacles are what make 'all of us' grow-up. One cannot encounter their dreams in schemes. Dreams are like a clock ... every part must move for the dream to come alive.

You are part of the clock, you are like the counter balance that keeps my heart ticking. I thoroughly enjoy the way you keep me going with your humor, kindness, and soul connectivity. God is the realization that we are here ... to grow ... together. Short of each other ... we would be rocks tumbling with gravity.

Thanks for always finding a reason to teach me how to dream in hope's time.

Thank you for the verse from your heart.

All my love,


Dallas, Texas

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