As Water to the Well

Imagined or realized, the heart is civilized. Therein the nature of all things, is to be as time, moving like clockwork in space. Such is life, the productivity of such matters finding its resolve in what it is doing.

To sit quietly among the orchard and watch the bees is quite enough for the repose of the heart pollinating the soul. Without the completeness of silence, the deafening sounds of nature would forever remain anonymous to the world at large.

Forward and backward the heart does pound. Unknown to us, we put all things into heart measures. All living things compose what we can only suppose. We have been ordained to maintain order in what is known and what is unknown. An Earth’s score is the forevermore that all humankind must ponder.

Questions are mere whys. In retrospect, all whys are what Mother answered to. Mothers are the reason we know where we are going and where we have been. If the Mother elects to ignore the seasons of her young, mindless we all become, as our human nature defines us.

Human nature without family is like the sexuality of an earthworm, it is not male or female, it is, in fact, both. A genderless society has no regard for role playing, it suspends all traits in a test tube and pours the results into laws and journals for us to regurgitate. Like the Mother bird feeding her young the worm, we grow-up believing that we are all the same.

Family defines our very nature. Fractured families grow-up like kaleidoscopes, forever trying to put themselves together again. It is not the puzzle that corrupts us, it is the habits and laws of how we are told to collect ourselves. To ignore God’s creation for the recreation of greed is what will deter us from evolving or resolving such mysteries.

To ask a child to grow-up without a family life is as preposterous as asking a newborn human to walk before it can balance. Like God’s justice, without conditions we cannot stand for something without learning how to stand.

Understanding is as elementary as water, it is a cycle. We find our being in faith; knowing that, like water, the clouds will come, the rain will pour, the Earth will drink, and the harvest will arrive. A family is a cycle and when that cycle is broken, thirst will become violent.

To imagine the strife of some, one need only speculate what you would do if your water supply was cut off. When families run dry, when rivers are but stone, we have come to the end of what we can maintain. Money and government cannot change the balance of an Earth gone dry.

Only Creation can create or recreate its balance. Good comes from recognizing and trusting in God. We cannot dictate what the Universe will bring, but we can dictate what gratitude will bring. To find our center in God, we must put our thoughtful nature into the core of our beginnings, our families.

It is senseless to ask one to be sensitive, if that soul has withered from the alienation of its own family. To cut the umbilical cord is separation, but it is not independence. We cannot contain the heart of our young in the out-of-the-box revelations of our own greed. We cannot expect a better tomorrow if we are mindless of what we do this day.

Male and female we are, and our differences are what make us family. We cannot abandon Creation, it is as water, our history.

To the law makers that would play God, and to the law breakers that would play God, be ever mindful that nothing can separate us from the love of God. It is not our Constitution that maintains us, it is our Restitution.

Love is as love does. Do not call it love if it does not care for its young and our future. Any law that corrupts love, is like a barren desert inviting us to drink.

We can build the wells, but we cannot build the water. Restore what is God's, and God will restore on Earth what is in Heaven.

Such is life, the productivity of such matters finding its resolve in what it is doing.

Kathy Paysen 2013

"Grace never casts nature aside or cancels it out, but rather perfects it and ennobles it. Therefore the fullness of grace that was granted to the Virgin of Nazareth, with a view to the fact that she would become Theotokos, also signifies the fullness of the perfection of what is characteristic of woman, of what is feminine." [Pope John Paul II, On the Dignity and Vocation of Women, Mulieris Dignitatem, n. 5]


WOW!!Kathy very powerfull read

Thank You Dear Colin

Dearest Colin,

I thank you for the read and I thank you for being you. I was so touched by your recent poem about love and miracles. Although it was not about any one person, it really impressed me.

You are a very sensitive soul. May blessings be yours this day and always.



Dallas, Texas

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