A Week in the Life

A Week in the Life

On Monday we woke with the usual blues
Getting back to work in the rain,
Talking about our weekends,
Stale gossip and topics mundane.

Tuesday came, and we got really busy
Nose to the grindstone, no fun,
Laying out plans for the next three days--
Tuesday's a good day to get things done.

On Wednesday we were unhappily wed--
To our projects, not to each other--
Totally engrossed in writing reports
Fraught with B.S. they would never uncover.

On Thursday we found ourselves thirsty,
So we stopped for drinks after work.
We ran down a couple of colleagues
And decided our boss was a jerk.

On Friday we had other fish to fry
Which took all day and then some,
We didn't even touch our projects,
Except when we took them home.

On Saturday we slept in,
Then ran errands late in the morning.
Later we worked on our projects,
An afternoon terribly boring.

On Sunday it was good that we rested,
Then lingered a while over brunch.
Next week is going to be much like this,
Unless I miss my hunch.

Always Have Something to Look Forward To


You flirted with reality and comedy. The tone of this poem is so true to everyday life and yet it was not predictable. Some ... used to wear the day of the week on their underwear ... each day a new color.

Being married to a calendar would be challenging. Of course, we all have calendars to fill and work through.

I would love to have a project to work on. My work is so retail, so shoe business.

It is funny how routine is funny when we ponder it. This poem made me smile.

Nothing comes easy, life is full of calendars and events that are waiting to be completed.

As for me, I wish I had more on my calendar ... more work hours ... more to look forward to.

We must always have something to look forward too ... it is what living is for.

I try to pencil in time to be creative. Creativity is a great friend to what ails us.

Keep writing dear buddy.

Warm regards,

Kathy Paysen

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Days have personalities

Thank-you Kathy for reading my poem and expressing your reactions. I worked
many years at the same job, and after a while, each day seemed to have its
own personality. I tried to express that thought in this poem, using old memories
and adding some imagination. I'm so glad you understood. I tried to give it tags
"americana" and "the mundane", but all that came out was a horizontal line. I wonder why some tags get printed out and others don't.

Again, thank-you for your encouraging comments.


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