Have you ever come to the end of the day
and can run the clock back play by play,
and can add it up that supposedly
it was the day it was suppose to be,
but somehow it seems that no time has gone
like a broken record playing on and on,
and you think back through all the things you’ve done
every day every deed bleeding into one,
and you can’t help but feel just a little fear
and hopelessness, cause it isn’t clear
what it’s all about, why you rise each day
fight the fights you fight, play the games you play
do the things you do, “Just what the hell for”
for you’ve done it all a thousand times before,
and could keep on going til the bitter end,
and you suppose you will but what purpose then
does it serve, and so your left with not
but to sigh and deal with what you’ve got,
and keep moving on, for you know what they say…
Tomorrow will be a whole new day

…Jeff Bresee