Man's Savings' Grace

Man’s Savings' Grace

Many Tough times,
Tears, misconceptions, confusion,
Lost in a cultural shock!
Has God forsaken me?
When will the pain stop!

Looking for appreciation,
Loving nearly at a minimal,
Can hurt and heartache become worse?
Climbing a Mountain of Grace
Ahead, I see the clouds disperse.

Heaven is visible, yes here on earth…
On high can’t you see a burning bush?
A fire so incomprehensible!
We’re commanded to step forward,
Can we really surrender?

Haven’t we cried in bondage,
Wanting God to move first?
Afraid of His perfection,
Struggling with pain and hurt!
As men we must step in His direction.

God took me and my soul was immersed…
His Spirit engulfed me!
Taking my body, mind and soul.
Pains faded away, some became worse.
But His Spirit must take control.

I felt the purging pain…
Relief! Now I’m fashioned and consoled.
God quickens the heart of man!
Then his mind will soon follow,
In giving love, to fight for better tomorrows.

As men God uses, we see the pain and confusion,
In this world. But only a heartbeat away,
God’s love can heal any wound, for only He
Can guide us not just in our struggling tomorrows,
But right now, in our fleeting heart’s today!

Sterling P. Davis