Old Mother Hubbard and the Old Lady in the Shoe

Old Mother Hubbard had to move in with the Old Lady who lived in the shoe
But the two together had so many children, dogs and cats
They didn’t know what the fuck to do
When looking at the pile of bills that made them so ill
But with age discrimination and all they couldn’t get good paying jobs
And after months of crying with financial depression and sad sighing sobs
With unemployment running out their collective debts grew and grew
So the women exclaimed together as if their voices were joined with glue
“We have nothing to lose, let’s try something new!”
So they gave it good thought while Mama Hubbard gave a bone to her dog Spot
Then the old Lady said “Oh what the fuck, we need the money,
So let’s grow a multi-acre field of mind blowing pot”

So those two old women never hesitated and got right on it
To clear a farm field for growing a crop of the finest Rasta Man approved Ganja chronic
A smoking hemp weed that became so widely sought
Yet the two old women didn’t give a fuck if they were caught
Since they were way too blitzed and mellow to grouse
So with so much money without care that they blew,
They traded in that stinking old shoe
For a multimillion dollar 16 bedroom luxury house

Old Mother Hubbard

Good write, clever and funny

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