OH WHAT THE FUNK (poetry/rap rant question 1.0)

Oh what the funk
I might as well go and post my junk
No, not the junk from my lower half
The junk of words that just might make you laugh
Yet, without virtual friends who love to twitter
I’ll just write my verse where I sit
While I dump metaphoric shit
On this poetic porcelain shitter

And what the hell if you think it smells
The poetry I mean and the story that I am trying to tell
For it seems with most, my poetry does not strike a chord
The sum of each post, not as great as the single words
Since few read the unique verse of this old fool
But in reverse if I were young,
Like liquid spit on every tongue
this poem/rap might be the shit
It probably would be thought as fucking cool

And it doesn’t really matter if I sound off quite profane
Or as well, paint a picture of someone now quite insane
For 50, 75 or 100 years hence, will this post still be making any sense
And not be considered old school, silly or inane
Or will it’s temporal meaning be lost forever
Like written waste flowing down the no-longer-current history drain?