Words are Only Words

They slide past my lips, slowly, sensuously,
enticing, igniting imagination.
You can almost feel them, a whisper of passionate wishes,
as I draw them from the depths of desirous experience.
They reach through and pull you in, wrap your mind in a fog,
making you wish to be lost in beautiful thoughts.
But they are only words love.

I have a heart that beats, willing me to live fully
A soul which stirs among infinite love,
and so I struggle to find words which capture emotion,
to find an expression which touches the vastness
of the human experience.

So until your lips crush against mine; a passionate play,
A breathless sigh which means kiss
Until your hands touch my flesh,
making me come alive and defining the word touch.
Until your eyes look deeply into mine,
finding the reflection of your truest self.
Until your heart feels the love for which it beats,
as you feel the warmth of unconditional love wrap around you.
They are only words love, they are only words.

Outstanding, wonderfully written poetry, Jill.

This is outstanding, wonderfully written poetry, Jill. I highly admire the delicate, intimate nature of this, and the way in which you were so successfully able to convey such a high level of sensual, passionate emotion. Also impressive is the way this exceptional poetry builds in intensity throughout the verse, while delivering such spiritual grace, and warm sensitivity. This glowing, artful write is richly eloquent and tenderly heartfelt, and as I read it I became both moved and captivated in a profound and compelling manner. Your talented and gifted ability to compose lovely, quality poetry continues to shine in a most elegant and beautiful way. Take care, Jill, and thanks for sharing. God bless you.

J.P. (Rex)

Thank you JP

Thank you JP :) So glad you liked this. I like to use my words to express myself..and sometimes I can get my thoughts and emotions across well. But I guess my point was that sometimes you have to live it and then write it. You could write the most beautiful words...but until they are acted upon they are only words. Of course you can use words to draw someone out..incite them to action. Thanks for taking the time to read and for your upbuilding comments. God bless you. Take care and enjoy the holidays :)



Lost in beautiful thoughts . I like that . Words can be as powerful or as painful as heaven or a hell . They are a sharp knife .
I like it

Step Into the Reality

Thanks...it is nice to be lost in beautiful thoughts...and even better to step into the reality. Words and thoughts are powerful, moving...you are right the cover the spectrum, and so we choose them wisely :) Thanks for understanding. Hope you are doing well.


Double post...sorry

Double post...sorry

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