She is a promise, a well of inspiration,
her waters deep and quenching.
The soul thirsts and she answers,
with kisses full and sweet.
The parched becomes sated,
as she pours her heart upon you,
passionate and willing to let you sip,
from the currents that course through her veins.
Live in the moment that defines ecstasy,
fall into her open arms and be held in rapt awareness.
Her fingers tracing lines of infinity gently across your skin.
Her eyes devour as you willingly offer sustenance of desire.
Surrender as she finds you, lost in abandon.
Entwined your strength finds resonance,
in the current of eternity.
Body, heart and soul,
she shimmers in her clarity.
Beneath the surface love flows freely,
as she begs of you,

A Warm Embrace


You have an old soul. You paint poetry with your whole heart and mind. This is beyond good; it moves one through time and space to a place that holds them. It is such refreshment to be embraced by images and words.

What a beautiful gift you have buddy.



Dallas, Texas

To Hold and Be Held

Thank you Kathy, I do have an old soul....not a pride, but a quiet assurance in who I am and what I believe. This poem speaks of desire...but you are right...there is another level to it...a becoming as well as a letting invitation to hold and be held. I am glad you found this moving, that you felt the compassion and giving in it. I am thankful to feel this and find the words to express it. Thank for for your sincere and insightful comments.



Many meanings...

David o Whalen can be given to this fine free verse (which it seems only you ladies have the patent on) I find many things it could be, among which are: your own takes of love, passion, etc, etc. I also find a hint of both the religious and maybe just a pinch of erotica (though very modest if at all as to the latter.) I admire you ladies who are not hide-bound to one genre and appreciate your helping to elevate the poetic status on this site. Read you always, but don't comment nearly enough. (and it's comments that keep us writing isn't it?) Jill, you made my morning! Thank you.

Thanks Mr. David O Whalen :)

Thanks are right, many meanings and levels to this, you are very insightful. I sometimes think this way...and free verse just flows better than the structured rhyming poetry. Passion is the foremost yes, in love, and desire...the love on a higher plane...describing the connection...the greater bond than just the physical one. I think that's where you find the religious part...the feeling that it was meant to be. I am glad you liked this side of my writing. Thanks for your take and the encouraging comments...and yes the comment help us to see if our words struck the meaning we were looking to convey...that they connect and are understood. So glad you liked it, your comments made me smile :)


Don't Mind If I Do! :-D

What a deliciously, romantic poem. It (or perhaps the subject of your poem) has an ethereal beauty, mesmerizing, seductive, sweet. If this were a piece of cake, it would be a mud-cake, dripping with, nay, oozing with dark, rich chocolate, kissing the lips that indulgently bite into it. If it were a wine, it would be a deep, heavy red wine, with a bouquet that would soothe you long before the vino drowned your tastebuds in liquid ecstasy. But this poetry comes from a different place, where hearts and souls book a room in eternity together, with magnificent views of heaven, a 'do not disturb' sign on the door, angels singing romantic songs through the windows, and where the only food is one's passion and desire. And to think that all this flowed so effortlessly from your imagination, and formed this delightful piece of poetry. What a talent you possess. I thoroughly enjoyed it. The only thing I'd like to ask, just like Oliver but with a little 'twist' is, "Please, Ma'am, may I have some more?" I'm lovin' it!

Warmest regards,


Passionate Indulgence

Chris...loving the comments on this one...chocolate cake and red wine indeed. :) Love and passion can be intoxicating...enticing. It is a desire that wants and yet gives in fuller measure. You have the meaning exactly is a connection of all the senses, emotions, the physical body and the soul...all wrapped together...a deeper bond...a timeless connection. I think that intimacy can be a funneling of all the passion into the physical. This was my attempt to put my feelings into invitation...a complete giving, sharing on all levels. I'm glad you liked it...I enjoyed reading your reaction. May have to try to write from this place more often.


Truly beautiful poetry, Jill...

This is truly beautiful poetry, Jill. Another one of your glowing and gorgeous writes. I sincerely admire the lovely, sensitive nature of this, as the wording throughout the verses is both captivating and heartfelt. This tenderly composed work so impressively displays your gifted ability to express passionate emotion in such an intimate and elegant way. Thanks for sharing more outstanding poetry, as I truly came to enjoy this. Take care, Jill, and God bless you.


J.P. (Rex)


Thanks so much JP, I am glad you saw the love and light in this. It is heartfelt...felt with all that I am and have to give. I tried to word it as I amazing love, connection and bond, and yes the intimacy plays in as part of the whole. I am glad you enjoyed this, were captivated by it. I think grace can be found in all areas of's just how we choose to look at it...experience it. Thanks for sharing and your wonderful comments. God bless you.


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