Let Go

The passion that time forgot,
ripples beneath the surface in ribbons of color.
Only a sparkling glimpse visible in the facade of flesh.

The soul speaks, it cries your name,
from the depths of a consuming love.
Reaching, always reaching, with tender hands.

Grasp the color, the light while it still holds.
Revel in it’s beauty and submerse yourself in awe.
Let it carry your weary heart, broken and beautiful.

Let yourself just be
let love embrace you and lift your soul,
higher than your fear, higher than your doubts and pride.
and from the height of this love,
let loose your grasp and fall

Beautifully composed poetry, Jill.

This is highly impressive, beautifully composed poetry, Jill. Your writing throughout the verses is both captivating, and intense. I truly admire your talented and gifted ability to convey such sensitive, passionate emotion throughout this wonderfully constructed work. I sincerely came to enjoy this tender, heartfelt write, Jill, and became extremely moved while I read it. Thanks so much for sharing more of your fine poetry.

"Grasp the color, the light while it still holds.
Revel in it's beauty and submerse yourself in awe.
Let it carry your weary heart, broken and beautiful." - Lovely, heartfelt poetry. So full of grace, and so artfully expressed.

God bless you,
J.P. (Rex)

Thank You JP :)

Thanks JP, so many times people hide there true feelings, their passion, out of fear, insecurity or pride. But they are there, just beneath the surface and even the glimpses, the break in the front is beautiful. There is a beauty , a grace, in letting go, in being ourselves fully. So glad you were moved by this and enjoyed it, it seemed to me a little abstract. Thanks for the kind comments. God bless you.


Absolutely beautiful . Very

Absolutely beautiful . Very pure , was like trespassing on sacred ground .

Love with an Open Heart

I am glad you could relate to this. It is of course speaking to someone in particular, but then the words relate to us all. To be able to set aside our fears and insecurities and fall in love with an open heart. Love is sacred isn't it ... so glad you understood.


Much needed lift

Leaking Pen
Dear Jill
This is the break poem I needed to stun me out of my abyss, I feel love again, I went from black and white to seeing the magic of color in my heart, only beauty can loosen the shackles of heavy weights, my heart is lighter today from the gentle breath of your soul...beautiful poem, I welcome hope again!

Love always hopes...

Thank you Paul, it does feel that way sometimes doesn't it...that you are living in black and white...and then love adds so much life and color. I am glad you found hope and love in these words. It is conveying a very special love...to someone I can reach through my words in this way. It is something I feel deeply and am compelled to share. It's funny sometimes how poetry can give more depth and meaning to our thoughts and feelings. I am moved by your comments , that you were able to discern the emotion in this. :) Take care and never give up hope.


Open Hearts, Love's Way


Your poetry rings ... like a chapel bell ... in a quaint white church ... painted on a mountain of wildflowers.

Church bells welcome hearts to worship, to love, to be free.

Love is like the butterfly gently falling into the flowers. Love is a constant, even when we feel lost, love knows the way.

Your poetry always makes me smile.


Kathy :o)

Dallas, Texas

With an open heart ... the sun shines in ... and the blossoming begins.

Thanks Kathy :)

Thanks Kathy, I think love is like that it calls to you, draws you in. I like how you picture my poetry, very peaceful and calming....so glad you found that sentiment in my words. There is a small white church on a ridge that I pass each day, it has been there since the 1800's. Sometimes on Sundays when they ring the bells I can hear the sound echo through the valley to my house. I always just close my eyes and listen. You are right, love when it is unconditional is constant and a light to our lives. Your comments and poetry make me smile also :) Thanks for your beautiful and insightful comments.



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