Dance in the Rain

With the rain, all the tears of the past fell,
it was a letting go, a beginning, a washing clean.
They danced in the rain,
grateful to have known the sorrow which brought joy,
their burdens less heavy with each step they took,
each drop that fell.

In each of their souls a special seed had been planted.
It was this rain that brought new life, that made them grow,
more beautiful, more alive,
awakening from the inside.
A flowering of thought, of truth,
of compassion, of possibility.

As he let go of her hand, the rain slowed and then ceased,
and they wondered at their lightness.
He took her hand again then,
reaching to share whatever burdens may lay upon her,
kissing her as a light misting rain began to fall
and they smiled, for these were tears of joy.

Soaked through, clothes and bodies clinging,
they moved as one.
They had loved and lost.
They had felt the weight of sorrow,
and the power of it’s release.
They had found a hand to hold,
and they had danced in the rain.

Life is a short dream on a

Life is a short dream on a long journey . Every moment should be like this . What is pleasure without pain though ? Buddha said " All life is pain " a way I another I do not . But as you said it takes a great love to create great pain . The hurt is always worth those beautiful moments of unity I think . Thoughts of a beautiful mind Jill , I like it .
And I'd ask if you are well but I know you are ...its in the work !
Take care and smile as much as possible .

Journey in a Moment

I like the idea of a dream, it is nice to find an awareness and an immediacy inside a moment that makes it come alive, makes us come alive. I do think pain teaches us, that tears can cleanse us. I think we all have pain and suffer at times, but I think life is equally love and joy. I think maybe the pain opens us up, allowing us to feel more deeply, to have more compassion. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, you have a unique and insightful point of view. I am well. I hope you are doing well also. My father always tells me be good and be happy :)


Beautiful, romantic poetry, Jill.

I highly admire the lovely, elegant nature of your writing in this beautiful poetry, Jill. You came to convey such sincere heartfelt emotion, as well as such rich, artfully glowing visual imagery. This poetry is both moving and intense, as you so eloquently came to capture the glorious elements of grace and tenderness throughout the entirety of the elegantly composed, fluently flowing verse. You so impressively were able to relate the passionate and sensitive aspects of love in such a profoundly appealing and captivating manner. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful, refreshing romantic write. I sincerely came to enjoy it. Take care, Jill, and God bless you.

J.P. (Rex)


i love what your father always said. Hes feels good to say that line to our kids bcuz it makes us feel like we are letting them be good and be happy. Does that make any sense? :)

Lovely poem....i actually felt like i was in a dream while I read it. It kind of mesmerized me. In a good way!

It gave me a great feeling. Nice write ♥

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