Listing my life
making an inventory
that's the way to perfection
no disorderliness
all of it lined up on the shelf
nothing lacking
except what was sold
put on exhibit and sold in a sale
gone forever at a cheap price

ALL rights reserved
© EC

this is

very wonderfully put. I love it. I'm going to save this one. But i'll also look at it this way:

Yes, it's true, that

"what was sold
put on exhibit and sold in a sale
gone forever at a cheap price."

And yet, I'll make the most of what is still with me. Look, arranged nicely, the shelves are fairly full!

Thank you for sharing this.



I find it wonderful that you like my poem and even takes it to heart, but at the same time tells us that you still have a lot that hasn't been on sale, but which still is with you. That's important.

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