Let's Fight

I finally made it through the crowd
Fierce look with a million gazers
Booing loud!
I was shocked...
Even followers were spewing flout
But it's time to box
I don't care
Let's see what you about
Moving in the ring...
Pretty soon you will be moving out
But for now
It's just me and the ref
Where the hell is my opponent?
I'm defeating myself?
Hey Dexsta?
Take look to your left
That mutant stood firm with the odor of death
He materialized out of the air!
I see a snake tougue with a dragon like head
Three hundred nighty pounds
The announcer was saying
I don't care about the crowd...
They thought I was dead!
And this wouldn't go a round
So that wasn't respect
For me at all
I'd start to wonder should I be involved?
But I'll never retreat
He will have to make me fall
I don't stall...
Let's get this party cracking tonight
I don't care about the looks
Intimidation by size?
Not a factor
He may have some power but I'm faster
If that demon lands a punch
It would only make me madder
No more chatter!
Touch gloves
Would you give me the rules?
Ding ding!
Stepped back
Tried to steal me...
I moved
Came back with a jab then crossed with the right
Ducked quicked
Stepped left moving under his sight
left hook lands square
Caught it dead in his eye
Tell me why I'd want to go and do that
Flames blazed from his nostrils
I started to panick
Then he jumped up and screamed out something satanic
His eyes turned red and his stomach expanded
Check it...
Here's a lot more than what I expected
That sucker swung once and then...
It connected
I don't think that was fair but it is cool
The next thing I know
I'm in my corner on the stool....