Life Is Shit and Pain Is Real

life is shit and the pain is real
time is running fast and with this pain you don’t know how to feel
you hate everyone in this world and you let nobody know
and your pain started developing when you were 9 years old
your step dad beat you and your mom
every time you try to make a new step it was hard for you to move on
and all you could do is wish he would burned in hell
and your pain grew more so you began to cut your self
then matters got deeper and worst
because your step dad started telling you sexual words
in your mind you tell yourself this is something i should not go through
but your step dad says it’s ok because he’s the one that supports you
your mother does not work so there is no money to eat
so you make the choice to sell your body out in the streets
and not knowing the chances of catching a disease
instead of taking steps forward your making your steps back
you don’t know how to deal with your depression so you get addicted to crack
months and months soon go by
and you give sex just to get high
so one day you decide to go back home
in order for you to get some money and cloths
and nobody is around so you are home alone
you take out your pipe and that’s the end of your story because that night you die of an over dose
but then your mom walks in and opens up the door
she thinks that you were tired and so you slept in the floor
and hours and, hours go by
so your mom knows there is something wrong
so she goes to check up on you and sees your pipe underneath your arm
your hands feel cold as ice your face white as snow
and your mom is crying and screaming baby why! your step dad does not live here no more!
ain't that what you wanted just to be the two of us
baby what happened? you always said that in the lord you trust
so she lost faith and hates everyone in this world
all because she lost the only thing she loved, her baby girl
now she is the one not knowing how to feel
it’s like I said life is shit and pain is real
time is running and with your pain you do not know how to deal
so the woman gets depress so she starts to cut her self
now she is crack fiend and she lives in her own little world by her self
she has lost everything she has ever had
so one night she lost her will of living, so that night was her last...

is this a re-post?

the sadness and tragedy comes through loud and clear, very deep and well thought out~
"Just because you saw it, do you really believe it happened?"

Yea it is a re-post

yea i re-posted this only because i felt that not many people were reading my poems....well i hope that none of the poets here have lost their intrest in my poems.....

not that at all

just the last couple of days we have been spammed by NOOBS! Incosiderate @$$holes that want to post 10-15 poems at a time and totally wipe out the board. (See SPAM, SPAM, SPAM and Call 9-1-1!) Some of the others were "ME" poems but since been taken off. It got a little out of hand, so we took matters into our own hands and made a point! Keep posting, please! we need folks here that actually have something to say! ~Ron

"I write poetry because it's cheaper than a shrink"

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