Tryin' not to think of you (with all my might)

Tryin’ not to think of you
Tryin’ not to …
with all my might

But it’s not workin’ no matter what I do
Tryin’ not to give into…
thinkin’ of you tonight

Tryin’ hard to not remember when…
Think I’ve done it!
…but then…

I’m thinkin’ about you
Nothing but you…
All... over... again

How can you be
Such a constant
In my life

Why are you important to me
Why do you cause me
Such sadness and such strife

Why can’t I leave
Things in the past
Sleep deeply thru’ the night

Cause I’m tryin’ not to think of you
Cryin’ not to think of you
…with all my might…

oh yea

Dang man i feel ya... i feel this poem... this one hits it...
"Quoted Kenneth"

Kindred spirits...

David o Whalen Perhaps that's what we are Kenneth! I was a musician (at least I thought I was) a long time ago. Your comment makes me think that you've "been there, done that" and if you're a true musician you probably have! Welcome to the site Kenneth, and write like you're playin' music, because that's what poetry is: it's lyrics to music still unwritten. Right? Have fun here!

I like this poem :)

It's got a natural rhythm to it that I find hard to achieve in my own writing :)
Keep up the good work!

Brown Eyed Girl

Cleverly composed, worthwhile work.

I really enjoyed this, David. I think your writing throughout the wording scheme came to express some very powerful emotion, and I felt moved while I read it. I highly admire this work for its fine lyrical quality, and the impressive manner in which you came to structure it. I think it could most certainly work as a song, as the idea is truly original and quite catchy. This creative write also delivers some exceptional sentimental appeal. Thanks, David, for posting more of your cleverly composed, and worthwhile work.

J.P. (Rex)

You;re right Rex...

David o Whalen Now that you mention it, it does sound like a country song! (minus the pickup truck, ol' blue, and mama gettin' outta jail) Thanks Rex, Appreciate ya always.

...And the tiny cactus

...And the tiny cactus christmas tree .

deep Boss..loved it

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