Wounds and external injuries
Suffered in life
Heal and mostly disappear
From sight…

While the internal scars
Of both body and mind
Are permanent reminders
That ne’er see light

The scars indeed are the

The scars indeed
are the bars i read
on the cell of a hell
call a memories seed

it holds us
it binds us
so we hide
...till it finds us

Hells bells Ron...

David o Whalen your comments are better than my poetry!!

Speaking from Experience

This is so very true, and a remarkable piece of profound poetry as well. I can really relate to this, David, and am in awe of your skill with the pen. It also reminded me of a movie called, "Sleepers" - an amazing true story (by Lorenzo Carcaterra) of four boys in Hell's Kitchen, New York, growing up in the 60's. They experience some very tough times, leaving deep mental scars which are only exposed years later when an opportunity for revenge presents itself. Of course, for most of us, that opportunity never arises, or is avoided when it does, but the point is that we all live with internal scars from various experiences in our life. It changes the way we feel, the way we see things, the way we live. This poem is short and (bitter-)sweet. I think it's awesome. Best regards,


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