A Life Of Whimsy

Things of skill
Of trades well learned
Of fame and fortune
Duly earned

Acts of value
Civic duty
Charitable deeds
And feats of beauty

Things that worthy men
Aspire to
Things I’m sure they
Always will

Living lives
As I cannot do
Yet mayhaps my way
Is better still

For I’ve lived
A haphazard life
Of happenstance,
Foible and flimsy

And even better still
(and few can say)
I’ve lived a life
Of whimsy

…And I’m way OK with that!…

Loved this David

This was absolutely brilliant I loved your words, and your style of form, a fantastic write hugs from Divena aka Willow.

Appreciate that Willow

David o Whalen I only visit this site once a month and try to leave one poem each time so people won't forget me completely. I will be back on a regular basis if and when this site returns to what it once was. I am on 4 other sites and none of them are afflicted in the least with the non-poetry postings. (The sign in process is an abomination also) You're one of the senior members of this site. Six years and counting!! I've read and appreciated your poetry for my 5 years at this site. I admire (but no longer share) your loyalty to this site. At least it has some excellent stalwart poets like yourself who continue posting great poetry. Keep it up and keep an eye out for my end of April post. Thanks again Willow for your time and kind words.

no problem David

I myself am in another site that I learn all the different forms in, and what we write in their goes to another site named the garret where schools use it to teach the children how to write in form I am known in there by my real name of Divena, and the forms are a great challenge for me. we write a new one every two weeks, and I do one a day to keep myself active, the site I am in is called The Tirnanog which is gaelic for Land Of the Ever Living its great challenging site with lots of friendly people in it, maybe one day you will come along and try it. hugs from Willow.

Impressive, constructive poetry, David.

I really enjoyed this fine write, David. This poetry is catchy, profoundly intelligent, and highly creative. I like the topic you chose for this one, as I am often intrigued by such whimsical ideas and material in artistic and poetic form. I think your writing in this comes to firmly display your talented ability to move the readers in a powerful, imaginative sentimental fashion. Thanks for posting more impressive, constructive poetry. Take care, David.

J.P. (Rex)

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