I'm Not Like You

The path I’ve taken
The one I’ve trod
Is a path forsaken
By a vengeful God

The path I’ve chosen
Is drear and lonesome
Trees lean close in
Damp lies the sod

I’ve naught of humanity
I lack the needs
The cold, the callousness
That humanity breeds

I walk alone, my path unknown
To a Fate both feared and odd
But it’s a path I’ve chosen
A path I’ve trod

My own way forsaken
…by an unforgiving God…

you are using very

you are using very cleverwords for showing much happiness in the heart and i am going to t r y writing poems as this

I know that I could never...

David o Whalen
speak Finnish (Finnish?) as well (better said:not at all) as you can express yourself in English. It tells me you're very intelligent and your comment also hints that you're very young. Put those two qualities together and eventually (and surely) you'll be writing much better than I do now. You have a long and bright future ahead of you. Thanks for reading me Insideme, and I appreciate it very much. Welcome to this site. Have fun!

very sorry mr whalen i am

very sorry mr whalen i am not young pretty blonde scandibabe

Wow...that's all.

Wow...that's all.

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