one more

One more..
I'm up here and you're down there.
One more night is all I care.

To be honest the dicision I made.
We both lost more then if I stayed.

One more night to hear your laugh
Wouldn't even mind the sound of your wrath

The note I wrote you killed you inside
From up here I was the sadness was a tide

One more night is all I ask
Just one more night just night
I know I truly know one more night I could make things alright

I never wanted to hurt you and now I did more then anyone ever could
One more night to truly love you like noone ever could.

I thought you didn't care
I thought you moved on
I thought you wouldn't miss me if I was gone.
I thought I wasn't good enough
For a friend like you it was hard to bluff.

It only took one night to end both our lives
And now one more night with echother we both strive.

Those nights you said we make each other okay.

Now we cant, sitting in rooms alone.
Only difference is world apart torn.

One more night to hear you say
We make each other okay.

More then, give anything, be anything, do anything.
Just to make you okay now.

One day though im sorry it ended soon.
So long with out these words not spoken.

But one night one day one forever we can.
Say it again nothing broken.

As we cry not keeping the promises we made.
We cant make each other pay if only I stayed.

We both whisper one more...
One more night.

As you look in the mirror and cry for me to be alright.
As I look down protecting you with all my might.
Wishing you could protect me too this night.

We both cry alone. Worlds apart whispering one more night.

Just one more chance to say..
We make each other okay.

One more..