the secrets we keep

the secrets we keep
pulse and quiver like a living thing
quiet in a moment
and then
screaming! shaking! rattling!
raging against its battered cage
as an inferno daring the world to deny it
begging a quenching glance to kill its power
kill its rage!

every movement a careful act, a balancing dance
bind it tighter, keep it still, bury it away
so that you can no longer feel it, no longer taste it
and the back of your throat burning like acid
as you swallow it down.
and yet,
it quivers
it pulses.
in the darkness, in the corners of your mind
they live and grow
a black heart of live wires, a writhing throbbing pain
unacknowledged, unchecked, poisonous!
gnawing at you, squeezing and suffocating you.

every movement carefully orchestrated towards ignorance
every movement an instrument of death